Emirates News Agency – Dubai Police enhances road security with advanced device to monitor pedestrian crossings

Emirates News Agency – Dubai Police enhances road security with advanced device to monitor pedestrian crossings
Emirates News Agency – Dubai Police enhances road security with advanced device to monitor pedestrian crossings

Dubai, October 19/WAM/ The Dubai Police General Command platform continues to showcase its services, latest technologies and innovative solutions during its participation in GITEX Technology Week, held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The platform displayed a pedestrian crossing monitoring device specialized in monitoring and controlling vehicles that do not commit to giving priority to pedestrians in the locations designated for their crossing, in addition to monitoring it for a violation of not wearing a seat belt, and being busy while driving, such as using the phone.

The pedestrian crossings monitoring device is part of the future strategic plans of Dubai Police, in continuing to develop its system of work to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians, and to obtain their rights and clarify their duties, thus enhancing the level of safety in traffic regulations and laws, and making roads safer.

The device works with a solar energy system, and is equipped with sensors that can recognize pedestrians crossing movement on both sides of the road, and it monitors vehicles by videotaping them to prove the condition, and works to give a red light signal to warn vehicle drivers of the need to stop and give priority to pedestrians to cross. The driver’s obligation to stop at the crossing The device takes a picture of the vehicle, and a traffic violation is issued against the driver by not giving priority to pedestrians in the places designated for their crossing.

The podium also displayed the Aston Martin Vantage, which is powered by an eight-cylinder engine with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter capacity, 510 hp / 625 Nm, and an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, with a top speed of 314 km per hour, and acceleration From standstill to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds.

The General Department of Organizations, Establishments and Emergency Security participated in the smart inquiry project in the Gold Market in Deira, which aims to spread awareness and instructions for market-goers, including visitors, tourists and shop owners, by conducting a barcode scan, accessing a website and an interactive map that shows market-goers various information about the place and channels. Communicating with the police, and how to act in the event of pickpocketing, losing items, or reporting street vendors and other police services.

The General Administration also presented the “virtual device for police dogs”, which is a virtual device through which police dogs are trained according to multiple scenarios that simulate reality, and can be used by professional trainers and novice trainers alike.

On the sidelines of the third day of Dubai Police’s participation in the GITEX Technology Week 2021, Dubai Police presented a lecture entitled “Artificial Intelligence”, which touched on the concept of artificial intelligence, the smart customer system, and a number of terms and specialized literature in this field.

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