14 issues related to Sudan…and “Freedom and Change” calls for dialogue

14 issues related to Sudan…and “Freedom and Change” calls for dialogue
14 issues related to Sudan…and “Freedom and Change” calls for dialogue

The Alliance for Freedom and Change in Sudan – the ruling civil coalition, has prepared 14 pending issues, calling for dialogue about them and addressing them in accordance with the constitutional document.

The Central Council of the Freedom and Change Alliance, the highest authority in freedom and change, announced on Tuesday that it welcomed Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok’s initiative to address the current crisis, as it came from a person approved by the coalition and nominated for prime minister.

Hamdok presented a road map to overcome the sharp differences between the partners of the transitional government, and ordered the formation of a “seven committee” that includes all the conflicting parties to address the crisis.

Sudan is experiencing a severe political crisis, manifested in the division of the Forces of Freedom and Change alliance, as a dissident faction of it has continued its sit-in in front of the presidential palace for four days, calling for the dissolution of the government and the formation of other national competencies.

While the Central Council, or what is known as Freedom and Change (A), mobilizes millions of rallies to support the civil democratic transition on the anniversary of the “21 October Revolution” that ended the rule of the late General Ibrahim Abboud.

The Alliance for Freedom and Change said, in a statement, that it discussed at length the initiative of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, during a meeting held on Tuesday, at the headquarters of the Brotherhood’s Dismantling Committee in Khartoum.

He pointed out that “he thought that an initiative should separate two issues, the first: evaluating the partnership and reforming the institutions of transition, and that dialogue would take place between the forces of freedom and change and the military component.”

As for the second issue: “It is to complete and strengthen reforms within the forces of freedom and change, and the dialogue is about them with the two Sudan Liberation Movements, the Minawi leadership and the Justice and Equality, and the dialogue must be prepared for each of the two issues separately.”

The Central Council for Freedom and Change stressed the need to resolve the current crisis in accordance with a plan for comprehensive and decisive reforms, based on the reference to the constitutional document, so that the crisis does not re-emerge.

The outstanding issues from the perspective of the Central Council for Freedom and Change include the reform of the Sovereignty Council and the transfer of its presidency to the civilian component, according to the constitutional document.

It also includes government reform, according to an assessment between the Prime Minister and the Forces of Freedom and Change.

It includes the reform of the security and military sector, the implementation of security arrangements to reach a single national army, and the reform of the judicial apparatus, which includes the formation of the Constitutional Court, the Judicial and Prosecution Councils, the appointment of the chief justice and the attorney general, as well as resolving the issue of eastern Sudan, and the formation of the Transitional Legislative Council as soon as possible.

In its vision to resolve the crisis, the coalition called for public resources, including gold, to be under the jurisdiction of the executive authority, and to review the economic activity of the military and limit it to industries of a military nature.

He demanded that the police and intelligence apparatus be under the authority of the executive apparatus, and that the committee be strengthened, strengthened, reformed, and supported the committee to dismantle the isolated Brotherhood regime, implement the Juba Peace Agreement and complete the peace process.

The coalition also called for the extradition of the wanted persons to the International Criminal Court.

The issues of justice, non-impunity, lawlessness, and the emphasis on the fairness and professionalism of employment in the public service are among the outstanding issues that require a solution according to the reference of the constitutional document, according to freedom and change.

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