After the death of Colin Powell … why do some vaccinators die completely due to “Corona”?

After the death of Colin Powell … why do some vaccinators die completely due to “Corona”?
After the death of Colin Powell … why do some vaccinators die completely due to “Corona”?

Yesterday (Monday), former US Secretary of State Colin Powell died of complications from “Covid-19”, although he was fully vaccinated against the virus, according to his family, which raised many people’s question about the effectiveness of vaccines.

According to CNN, health officials are concerned that anti-vaccination activists will use Powell’s death to promote the idea that vaccines do not work.

In this context, CNN spoke with Dr. Lena Wayne, an emergency physician and professor of health policy and management at the Milken Institute for Public Health at George Washington University, about the reasons why some vaccinators died completely due to the Corona virus, and some doubts that this might mean the ineffectiveness of vaccinations. .

“When discussing the efficacy of vaccines, we must first focus our attention on the science and what research and studies show,” said Wayne.

She added: “Studies have already shown that corona vaccines are extraordinarily effective in preventing the virus and its severe symptoms. The latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that vaccines reduce the likelihood of infection with corona by six times and the risk of death from it by 11 times.

“These results show that the vaccination is really excellent,” said Wayne. However, vaccines do not protect you 100 percent. In fact, no medical treatment is 100 percent effective. This does not mean that the vaccine does not work, or that you should not receive it.”

And she continued: “Suppose a person with high blood pressure and diabetes follows a healthy diet and exercises a lot, but still suffers from the same health problems. Does this mean that diet and exercise are not good in general? of course not”.

Wayne emphasized that some groups are more likely to develop serious complications of the virus after vaccination than others.

“We know that people who are older and who have certain health problems and chronic diseases are more likely to develop severe symptoms of the virus or die from it,” she explained.

And she continued: “This is exactly what happened in the case of Colin Powell, as he was suffering from cancer, which greatly affected his immunity, and placed him among the at-risk groups. This, coupled with his advanced age, made matters worse.”

Wayne emphasized that people’s suffering from chronic diseases and weak immunity is one of the reasons for recommending receiving booster doses.

The American doctor also pointed out that the insistence of some not to receive the vaccine is the reason for the continued infection and death of the virus.

She explained, “Think of the Corona vaccine as a raincoat, it works well to protect you from normal rain, but if you are in a thunderstorm and then a hurricane occurs, there is a much higher chance of it getting wet. This does not mean that your raincoat is defective. This means that you are surrounded by bad weather, and a coat alone may not protect you.”

And she continued: “If you are surrounded by the virus from many sides, this increases your chance of infection. The problem is not with the vaccine, but with the spread of the virus around you as a result of the insistence of some not to receive the vaccination.”

And Wayne stressed that in the end, the key to reducing the risk of people contracting corona and its serious complications, and the only optimal solution to end the epidemic, is to vaccinate everyone.

It is noteworthy that the total number of anti-Corona vaccines that have been administered worldwide has reached six billion and 654 million doses so far.

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