A convincing victory for champion Milwaukee over Brooklyn

A convincing victory for champion Milwaukee over Brooklyn
A convincing victory for champion Milwaukee over Brooklyn

Yannis Endocombo proved last season that he belongs to the greatest, leading Milwaukee to an impressive championship after a 2-4 victory in the final over Phoenix. The Greek superstar gave some exceptional displays during the playoffs, including 50 points in the championship game.

Early in the morning (between Tuesday and Wednesday) he and the Bucks started a new season, which will be much harder than the previous one – because now the title has to be kept. Judging by tonight’s game, Milwaukee fans have nothing to worry about, their team is hungry and looks purposeful.

The champion provided a purposeful display with a 104: 127 win over one of the big contenders for the crown, Brooklyn, with Yannis, of course, winning the celebration.

Even before the opening whistle, a celebration ceremony was held with the participation of Commissioner Adam Silver, in which the championship rings were distributed to Milwaukee players. “We did it, we finally did it,” Chris Middleton shouted to the enthusiastic crowd at the full Pissarev Forum, who did not yet know what to expect.

From the opening the host showed that she worked hard in the summer and closed the first quarter with a promising 25:37 advantage. A mini-comeback until the half of the Nets only provoked the Milwaukee players in the second half, who scored 61 points during it compared to only 45 of the opponent and only widened the gap to the buzzer.

Endocombo, not surprisingly, finished as the leading scorer with 32 points, to which he also added 14 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks. Middleton contributed 20 points and 9 rebounds, as did Pat Conaton from the bench. Anonymous Jordan Anwara contributed 15 points.

For the loser, Kevin Durant was the main scorer with 32 points and 11 rebounds, James Harden finished with 20 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, but scored a bad percentage (6 of 16 from the field), Patti Mills showed that there is on Who to trust from the bench with 21 points and an impressive threesome display (7 of 7 off the arc).


convincing victory champion Milwaukee Brooklyn

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