Congratulations to Saudi football – Abdullah Al-Omari

Congratulations to Saudi football – Abdullah Al-Omari
Congratulations to Saudi football – Abdullah Al-Omari

Abdullah Al-Omari

Over the past few days, there is no spherical talk above the derby of the Asian continent, which brought together Al Hilal and Al Nasr yesterday evening in the round of four of the AFC Champions League in its current version.

A very exciting football clamor experienced by the Saudi fans in particular and the Asian fans in the continent in general, with the two teams facing each other, as it brought together competitors and two opponents, between whom there is a great rivalry and rivalry since the birth of Saudi football to this day.

Reasonable and neutral people in the Saudi sports street are very happy in this historic confrontation, through which we have guaranteed the presence of a Saudi team that will represent us in the final of the Asian continent.

Perhaps the gains of Saudi football are very large in the face of the historical yesterday, as it is a great confirmation of the high heels of Saudi football over all its competitors in the West of the Asian continent very clearly, and the technical differences between our clubs and the rest of the other clubs have become very large, due to the strength of our league through the presence of foreign players Very distinguished, in addition to attending training names with a great reputation and history, and this is of course due to the great support that Saudi sports find from our wise leadership, which gives the sports and youth sector a very great and unprecedented attention.

Saudi football is living at this stage one of its best football days, both at the level of teams of all degrees. The first team is still at the top of its group in the World Cup qualifiers that will be held in Doha 2022, God willing, with all merit and merit, and our Olympic team participated in the last Olympics that was held in Tokyo, while progressing The Sunni teams of all categories have distinguished levels and won many titles on the continent, and this confirms that there is a clear planning and goal from the Football Association towards the Sunni groups, and we will reap its fruits in the future, God willing.

What happened in the great change in the level of our teams and clubs in recent seasons, and these are the levels through which the prestige of our ball has returned to the level of the Asian continent is definitely behind him is the godfather of Vision 2030, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, may God protect him, who made many dreams that we wished for in The past is a reality we live today before our eyes.

Perhaps the most happy person with the superiority of our football is the Minister of Sports, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, who spares no effort but presents it to Saudi sports and its clubs and stands behind every small and big himself. Which makes him have many options to choose the most suitable players for the Saudi Green squad.

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