Turkey responds to the statement of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus

Turkey responds to the statement of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus
Turkey responds to the statement of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus

Turkey considered the statement issued by Greece, Cyprus and Egypt as an example of the Greek-Cypriot hostility policies, saying that the accession of the Egyptian party confirms its lack of awareness of the true title of the Eastern Mediterranean cooperation.

Commenting on the joint statement issued after the ninth tripartite summit between the leaders of Greece, Cyprus and Egypt in Athens, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on Tuesday evening, that it “is a new example of the hostile policies pursued by the Greek-Roman couple against Turkey and Turkish Cyprus.”

She pointed out that “Egypt’s accession to this statement is an indication that the Egyptian administration has not yet realized the real address with which it can cooperate in the eastern Mediterranean.”

She added, “We have shown friend and foe that no initiative in the eastern Mediterranean in which Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus do not participate can be successful.”

She stressed that Turkey supports energy projects that would increase cooperation between the countries of the region, but that these projects should be comprehensive, and not ignore the rights and interests of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry also pointed out that these countries contributed to Libya’s destabilization through their support for illegal groups, noting that their current targeting of memoranda of understanding concluded by Turkey with the legitimate Libyan government indicates a lack of respect for the interests and sovereignty of Libya in the first place.

Earlier on Tuesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades held a tripartite summit, coinciding with tensions between the three countries on one side and Turkey on the other.

According to a statement issued after the summit, they “discussed a number of regional and international issues of common interest, foremost of which is the file of stability in the eastern Mediterranean region, with the need to respect the unity and sovereignty of the countries of the region and non-interference in their internal affairs, as well as observing the requirements of maritime security for all.” state being part of regional security.

The three leaders also stressed “the importance of periodic and regular exchange of opinion and close coordination of positions on a number of issues related to the stability of the region, including the Libyan file.”

Source: “Anatolia” + agencies

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