Watch Model Rose crying on the air after a strange question from Bukhash about death – Muzmzam

Saudi model Model Rose fell into a fit of tears on air; After the Emirati journalist Anas Bukhash surprised her with a strange question.
Bukhash asked the model “Rose” in which he said, “How is Rouen today?” She replied, “From the beginning, you are shouting at me that I do not want to shout at this meeting.”

Bukhash asked another question, in which he said, “Rawan Tabana?” She said: “A lot, and the most difficult thing in life is when someone knows your weak point, and thank God I took this decision that he separated.”
She pointed out: “I do not like lies or liars,” as the Emirati journalist “Bukhash” asked, “Rose,” with a strange question, in which he said, “Do you feel many people rejoice if I die?” So, “Rose” entered into a fit of crying on the air.

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