Shikli to the Speaker of the Knesset: Take action against Odeh

Shikli to the Speaker of the Knesset: Take action against Odeh
Shikli to the Speaker of the Knesset: Take action against Odeh

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In a firm letter to the Speaker of the Knesset sent today (Tuesday), MK Amichai Shikli, he asks him to take significant steps against MK Odeh, due to the attack on MK Ben Gvir that took place today.

Odeh pushes Ben Gvir (use under section 27A)

“This morning’s violent attack on MK Itamar Ben Gvir by MK Ayman Odeh at Kaplan Hospital is a crossing of a red line that must not be passed over in silence. , Shikli sharply wrote in his letter.

“I previously applied to the State Attorney’s Office – has not yet been answered”

The full letter

He added: “I will note here that already 4 months ago I applied to the State Attorney’s Office regarding the incitement of MK Odeh to violence, an application that did not receive attention. Today we saw that those who incite violence, support violence and incite it, may eventually also use violence. “

“The Knesset must not be allowed to become a Lebanese parliament”

In his letter, Shikli also referred to the day of remembrance for the late Prime Minister Rabin, who was assassinated due to the incitement that is currently raging in the streets: “We must not allow the Knesset of Israel to become a Lebanese parliament. “Only yesterday we commemorated the assassination of the late former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who said:” Violence is eroding the foundation of Israeli democracy. It must be condemned, condemned, isolated. This is not the way of the State of Israel, “he was quoted as saying.

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“I demand in every language of request that immediate and significant steps be taken in Odeh’s case that condemn this shameful act,” he signed.

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