The first case of the carrier of the new delta strain in the country

First publication – A first case of the AY4.2 Delta sub-strain was discovered in the country with genetic paving: a child under 12, who apparently came from Moldova, was found to be positive for Corona, genetically plotted according to procedures – and the new sub-zoning was discovered in the pavement. This was reported today (Tuesday) in the evening news here 11.

Last week, news was reported here about a follow-up in the World Health Organization of the strain distribution. AY4.2 is particularly common in the UK, where 6% of those infected with corona have been diagnosed with it. Dr. Dorit Nitzan of the World Health Organization told News Here that unlike other subspecies that are emerging and disappearing, AY4.2 has not disappeared, but is only spreading to other countries.

Tonight, the heads of the health system gathered to discuss the issue of the subspecies, the meanings of his entry into the country, and what is known about him from around the world. There is currently no information on whether it is more contagious or more violent – so at least the British also report. Health officials are preoccupied with its establishment and spread, with the question of suppressing the original Delta strain and, of course, whether the vaccine is as effective against it as it is with the Delta strain.

In the UK the strain is tracked, but so far there are no findings regarding its nature

Scientists in the UK say that AY4.2 carries two mutant traits: Y145H and A222V, both of which have already been identified in various strains of the corona virus diagnosed worldwide. Until recently, these mutants were infrequently distributed. The first evidence of strains carrying these mutants has been identified as early as April 2020.

Professor Francois Balo of University College London told the Evening Standard that “the A222V is in a strain that is very common in Europe in the summer of 2020, but a careful examination of it has shown that it is no longer contagious.” Prof. Balo added that the two mutants in AY4.2 are not necessarily more contagious, but their traits can change as they appear in new strains.

However, according to data collected so far in the UK, it is not the new strain that has caused the large increase in morbidity in the kingdom. According to Prof. Balo, AY4.2 does not equal the outbreak of alpha and delta strains that were 50% more contagious than any other strain ever discovered.

The new strain is quite rare outside the UK, and in the United States only three cases of it have been discovered so far. In Denmark, the strain reached a 2% distribution among all infections, but its distribution there is actually declining. In the UK, its resistance to antibodies is now being tested.

Meanwhile, in Israel, the death toll from Corona has risen to 8,021. The number of patients in critical condition stands at 353, of whom 157 are respirators. Yesterday, 1,487 new infections were diagnosed.

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