Musimani disavows this person and reveals the truth about leaving Al-Ahly

Musimani disavows this person and reveals the truth about leaving Al-Ahly
Musimani disavows this person and reveals the truth about leaving Al-Ahly

South African Betso Musimani, coach of the first team in Al-Ahly club, repudiated a person named Hazem Al-Hadidi after he came out to the media as the business agent of Al-Ahly coach, where Musimani expressed his dissatisfaction with this person, stressing that he is not his agent and does not have the right to speak in his name.
Musimani added, through statements published by Al-Ahly’s official website: “Hazem Al-Hadidi is not my agent, and I have no relationship with him of any kind. What Hazem Al-Hadidi said about me is not responsible for it, and I know nothing about it.”

And the South African continued in his statements: “I do not know why he does all this, and I will inform the club’s management to take measures to stop this person, and his words about my contractual relationship with the club.”

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The fact that Musimani left Al-Ahly

Musimani revealed the truth of the statements and news about his departure from Al-Ahly club, as echoed by some websites and social media, where he said, “Things with Al-Ahly no longer need words, and what was agreed upon with the administration with the consent of the two parties was announced to the media officially and clearly, and there is no Any new to talk about, and the relationship between us continues with all love, cooperation and mutual trust, and that the goal is the same, and that is the team’s interest.”

Musimani concluded his statements: “My focus, with my team players and my assistants, is on winning victories and championships and making Al-Ahly fans happy, especially in light of the support and support that I received from the club’s management and all those who love Al-Ahly.”

The team’s players organized today, Tuesday, led by Mosimane, in preparation for the upcoming match next Saturday in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League against the National Guard, the champion of Niger, where the first match between the two teams ended with a positive tie with one goal for each team.


Musimani disavows person reveals truth leaving AlAhly

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