Hyundai launches Starya, a multi-use vehicle in the region

Hyundai launches Starya, a multi-use vehicle in the region
Hyundai launches Starya, a multi-use vehicle in the region

Hyundai Motor Company has officially launched the new Staria model in the MPV segment in the Middle East and African markets, through a digital display.

The name Staria combines the words “Star” and “Ria”, referring to the company’s future values ​​in its products, simple and elegant design features, which are highlighted by the curves of the prominent lines, and the car’s streamlined elegant appearance.

The exterior design of the Staria model is inspired by the streamlined shape of spaceships, and the front of the Staria is decorated with tall horizontal lighting lamps, in addition to low headlights.

The Staria is equipped with a range of driver-focused features and futuristic design elements that create renewed experiences for drivers and passengers, and make commuting times more productive and comfortable.

Bang Son Jeong, President of Hyundai Motor Company in the Middle East and Africa, said: “We are pleased to launch the luxury Staria model, as a prominent and distinctive addition to our range of cars in the region.”

He added: “The new car is distinguished by its futuristic-inspired exterior design, which gives it a unique appearance, unlike any other car, while achieving a completely renewed customer experience.”

The Staria Premium model takes portability to the next level, with advanced features and several exclusive finishes, giving it an even more luxurious appearance. The car has exclusive chrome and copper touches on the Hyundai logo, the front grille, headlights, front and rear bumpers, wheels, side mirrors, and door handles, to enhance the splendor of the distinctive and modern appearance of this modern vehicle.

Low belt lines and panoramic side windows improve overall visibility and create a sense of open space. This sense of spaciousness, inspired by traditional Korean hanok architecture, allows passengers to feel that the outside scenes are an extension of the vehicle’s interior.

The driver’s seat also has a futuristic high-tech look, with a sophisticated 10.25-inch head-up display and electronic push-button switching. The digital panel is located above the dashboard, to provide an unobstructed view of the driver, and to give him more functional and practical advantages when driving.

The Staria Premium model features Hyundai’s unique Parametric Pixel headlights in a harmonious design that extends to the rear of the car, which features a wide window, surrounded by tall vertical taillights. The rear bumper height has been lowered, so that passengers can load and unload cargo with ease.

The Staria Premium model, which is intended for seven people, features luxurious second-row seats that can be electronically reclined and moved to facilitate access or maximize luggage space. The nine-passenger model allows the individual seats in the second row to be moved 180 degrees, facing the third row.

This makes this vehicle an ideal choice for companies or mobile offices, where passengers can control the movement of their seats, and conduct face-to-face meetings. These swivel seats are also very convenient for families, as it is possible to interact and communicate between passengers in different seats easily.

Jeong added: “The Staria car is designed to suit families and companies, as it provides advanced mobility solutions, which transform the experience of traveling by car into a more comfortable, enjoyable and productive experience. It is also a new step forward, allowing us to achieve more in our daily lives and better connect with ourselves.”

The interior lighting, available in 64 colors on Staria Premium models, creates a distinctive interior ambiance. The harmonious lighting can be adjusted directly and indirectly, illuminating the cockpit, console, doors and cargo areas. The feeling of luxury in the cabin is heightened, thanks to the advanced Bose audio system.

The innovative use of Staria interior space is enhanced thanks to the wheelbase, which has a diameter of 3,273 mm, a total length of 5,253 mm and a width of 1,977 mm. The overall height of this vehicle is 1990 mm, which allows passengers to enter and exit easily. The space available for storage varies, depending on the chosen arrangement of seats in the car.

The multi-use vehicle comes with two engine options, the first is a 2.2-liter VGT diesel engine, and the second (Smartstream G6DIII) engine has a capacity of 3.5 liters and works on gasoline.

The newly developed diesel engine was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic transmission, generating 177 hp and a torque of 44 kg per metre. The highly efficient, air-cooled turbocharger, with an optimized compressor, delivers the best torque at low speeds.

The second petrol engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, generating 272 horsepower and 33.8 kilograms per meter of torque. Its integrated thermal management system provides better fuel efficiency by controlling the temperature of the coolant, according to the vehicle’s operating conditions.

The aerodynamic design of the upper body and the improvements to the lower body contribute to improved performance and better fuel consumption.

As standard for safety, all seats are fitted with three-point seat belts, head restraints, and the latest airbag technology. Safety is further enhanced by other smart features such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), Safe Exit Assist (SEA), Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC) and Lane Keeping Assist. (LFA), and Path Adherence Assistant (LKA).

The HTRAC all-wheel drive system achieves maximum torque on all four tires, ensuring safe driving, even on slippery roads, due to adverse weather conditions.

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