Yariv Levin attacks again: “Total distortion of reality”

Yariv Levin attacks again: “Total distortion of reality”
Yariv Levin attacks again: “Total distortion of reality”

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(Photos: Yonatan Zindel / Flash 90. Adina Wallman / Knesset Spokeswoman)

After the Speaker of the Knesset accused the opposition of unwillingness to act to establish an ethics committee, which could now act against MK Ayman Odeh, opposition center Yariv Levin rejects the allegations.

Levin, who also serves as chairman of the Likud faction, replied in the Knesset plenum: “Any attempt to hold the opposition responsible for the violent discourse and behaviors that their place will not recognize in the Knesset is not only a distortion and a complete distortion of reality, it will not succeed.”

“The ethics committee did not arise for the same reason that all the other committees in the Knesset do not arise, and it is an unprecedented distortion that was unparalleled in the place of the state.”

Yariv Levin (Photo: Knesset Channel)

MK Levin added: “The coalition decides that the election results are not interesting, nor from the factional composition in the Knesset – it decides to create more comfortable working conditions for itself. Mr. Speaker, this is something that none of us can agree with.”

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Speaker of the Knesset: “I warned that without the ethics committee, we would degenerate into physical violence”

After Ayman Odeh’s physical attack on Itamar Ben Gvir at Kaplan Hospital, Knesset Speaker Miki Levy issued a scathing statement condemning the opposition that prevents the establishment of an ethics committee.

“I strongly condemn the violence used today by MK Ayman Odeh at Kaplan Hospital against MK Ben Gvir. Raising an MK’s hand on another MK is a crossing of all the red lines. I have warned all along that if the opposition does not allow the establishment of the Ethics Committee we will degenerate from verbal violence to physical violence as we saw today. “

Photo: Olivia Fitoussi / Flash 90

“I call on members of the opposition to come to their senses and allow the establishment of an ethics committee so that the Knesset of Israel can function properly and stately and sanctions can be taken against those who behave in a way that is inappropriate for a member of the Knesset of Israel.”

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Yariv Levin attacks Total distortion reality

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