A project to localize the algae industry technology in Saudi Arabia

A project to localize the algae industry technology in Saudi Arabia
A project to localize the algae industry technology in Saudi Arabia

«Environment» announced that the first model of its cultivation will be next year

Today (Tuesday), the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture launched a project to develop economic and commercial algae technologies, with the aim of localizing the technology of this industry in the Kingdom.

The CEO of the Fisheries Sector Development Program, Dr. Ali Al-Sheikhi, explained that the project aims to make the algae industry a major tributary of industrial, food and human development in Saudi Arabia, noting that the establishment of the first commercial model of its kind in the Kingdom for algae cultivation will be next year 2022, in addition to to the center of the algae.

Al Sheikhi indicated that the objectives of the project are the production of animal and fish feed inputs, industrial plastics that are compatible with the environment, and biotechnological industries, as well as the establishment of a specialized unit in applied algae research, pointing out that Saudi Arabia is seeking to benefit from previous international experiences on algae and translate related research and transform it into templates. He stressed that the comparative advantage that the Kingdom enjoys distinguishes it from other countries of the world to make important steps and leaps in this field.

The ministry had established an algae road map with the participation of many local and international experts and specialists, before it worked in an alliance with major companies interested in this field, followed by the financial confirmation of this project, which will be a real turning point in the field of algae in the Kingdom, according to Al-Sheikhi.

The CEO of the program added that the project plan consists in building strategic partnerships with specialized global expertise houses, identifying trends and outputs that will be focused on locally, and then preparing a strategic action plan, listing local experiences, building capacities and forming a capable national team in the areas of the algae industry, before Launching the pilot project.


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