Apologies to the parents, La Familia is a terrorist organization

Apologies to the parents, La Familia is a terrorist organization
Apologies to the parents, La Familia is a terrorist organization

After the violent events in the stands of Betar fans at the end of the 1-0 loss to Hapoel Tel Aviv, the outgoing Jerusalem owner, Moshe Hogg, called for action against the unending violence in the stands by the heads of La Familia, and published a first reference to the cases.

celebrant He said: “Last night we experienced a nightmare journey in Bloomfield, I want to express deep sorrow and apology to the injured and those who have been harmed by the despicable behavior of La Familia. I want to say sorry to parents who send kids to games without confidence and without knowing how they will come back. I do not want to imagine how I would feel as a father if my daughter who went to a football game and wanted to cheer came to the hospital. This phenomenon of the organization, I have said many times, is a terrorist organization. I have been struggling with this phenomenon for a very long time, I have struggled with it quite alone and it is impossible to do anything alone. “

Moshe celebrates talking about the difficult events in the stands

He added: “If the authorities do not wake up, a commission of inquiry will be set up in the future. Maybe it’s time to see the writing on the wall and have someone take the thing and deal with it. We are neither a government nor a police force with all good will, it is impossible alone. You see, this is a very small group in relation to all Betar fans, but it is very extreme, violent and racist, it has taken the club hostage and harms all sports in Israel. I make this video as a cry for help, I ask the troopers of the Minister of Sports – put some culture into the sport, help us in the police. It cannot be that every time our club fights and prevents these people from entering. We know who heads her family and who their names are. Work with us and help us give confidence to the fans. Need the teams, the association, the principal, the police and the Ministry of Sports. Everyone fight for this goal. Otherwise the industry can be closed. “If a woman with crutches comes to the game and finds herself in a hospital, then what can we all say, asking you to wake up.”

As for the fan who ‘dared’ to encourage a Betar player of Muslim descent and in response ended the evening at the hospital, I wish you complete medicine and apologize on behalf of everyone for the incident and hope you are the last victim of the violence in sports. I’m shocked that a man dares to raise a hand against a woman and all the more so in a football game and a fan of his team. I wish these things would stop but it will not happen if we do not act. I appeal to the majority of the audience, these people are doing you a disservice, they immediately belong to this despicable group, they must not remain silent, it does not matter who owns the house, today I and tomorrow someone else. This team is yours, you are the fans and for you play and do everything. We must stop being silent, you are the force and give your back to this war and it will stop, otherwise the club will stop. “

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