Disney Israel CEO at the launch of Hot’s new series

Disney Israel CEO at the launch of Hot’s new series
Disney Israel CEO at the launch of Hot’s new series
Tami Landsman, CEO of Disney Israel and her home, star of the series Mia Landsman (photo by Rafi Daloia, HOT)

The premiere of HOT’s Conflicting Girls’ drama took place last night (Monday) at the American Zionist House in the presence of producer Yoav Gross, owner of the ADD agency, and the home of Noni Mozes, Hadas Mozes and Tami Landsman, Disney Israel CEO and mother of series star Mia Landsman.

The launch of the series was with the participation of director Talia Lavie and lead screenwriter Shir Reuven and the stars of the series – Mia Landsman, Einat Holland, Niv Sultan, Tali Sharon, Menashe Noy, Sarah von Schwartz, Hannah Leslau, Nelly Robin Inbar Danon, Alia Hoff. Menashe Noy, Gal Malka and Carmel’s wife, also came to Pargan Keren Moore among the members of the “headquarters”, Gitit Fischer, who is Tutit, Shai Lee Schindler, the new presenter of Hot VOD, Nelly Tagar, Dana Modan and Shani Klein.

As you may recall, “Conflicting Girls” is a comedic drama about Lehi and Leah, young women who move to live together in Tel Aviv. Leahy (Mia Landsman) is a medical student leaving her parents’ house and Leah (Einat Holland) is a former ultra-Orthodox woman who broke away from her dysfunctional family. Despite the obvious differences between them – Leahy is a lesbian and Leah is straight, Leahy is in close contact with her suffocating parents and Leah has no home to return to, Leahy knows exactly what her future will look like and Leah refuses to plan for tomorrow morning – a great fateful partnership develops between them. .

Last month, the series was selected from thousands of series from around the world to represent Israel at the prestigious CANNESERIES festival.

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Disney Israel CEO launch Hots series

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