Emirates News Agency – ENOC Link launches e-Link station on Palm Jumeirah

Emirates News Agency – ENOC Link launches e-Link station on Palm Jumeirah
Emirates News Agency – ENOC Link launches e-Link station on Palm Jumeirah

DUBAI, 19th October / WAM / ENOC Link – the comprehensive digital vehicle fuel delivery platform of ENOC Group – today announced the launch of its new and first of its kind in the world on Palm Jumeirah, which is a mobile station that provides residents and visitors with access to fueling services. Fuel with ease and comfort.

Thus, e-Link station becomes the only station in Palm Jumeirah that provides fuel services to this growing residential area, in a unique initiative that provides customers with easy and uninterrupted refueling services.

The station is equipped with a 30,000-liter fuel tank and can refuel up to four vehicles at one time, thus shortening the waiting time for vehicles to refuel.

The station includes canopies made of carbon fiber, known for its light weight, used in Formula 1 cars, to provide shade for station operators and customers. It is also equipped with innovative digital refueling systems that give customers a different and unique experience.

The e-Link mobile station can provide a continuous supply of Special 95 and Premium 98 petrol at the same prices as conventional stations.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, CEO of ENOC Group, said: As a national petroleum company, we take upon ourselves the task of meeting the needs of our customers in refueling in the United Arab Emirates, especially as they are looking for easy and convenient services today.. Hence the importance of the innovative future e-Link stations. With a design that gives them reliable, safe and easily accessible services.. We realized the absence of refueling services on Palm Jumeirah, so we launched this new station to meet the growing needs of the residents and visitors of this residential area.. This step confirms our firm commitment to support the digital transformation strategy in the UAE and we will continue to do so All possible efforts to provide innovative digital solutions that keep pace with customers’ aspirations.

It is worth noting that e-Link mobile stations are characterized by their ability to offer completely new experiences. They are independent stations designed in a futuristic and innovative style and do not require any installation and assembly operations, which facilitates their rapid transfer to different locations according to the needs of the population and changes in levels of fuel demand.. It is designed in accordance with sustainability criteria such as a vapor recovery system that contributes to reducing emissions while filling fuel from fuel tanks.

The station operates on biofuels, which allows it to reduce its carbon footprint. It includes digital LED screens to display content and lighting systems that help in carrying out work safely. It is equipped with smart meters enhanced by Internet of Things technologies, communication via cloud computing technology, GPS tracking, and RFID radio wave identification technology. .

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