Take action on Newcastle fans wearing tea towels instead of Saudi shemagh during matches

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Daily Mail reported that the “Kick It Out” organization is planning to hold talks with Newcastle, to prevent the club’s fans from wearing “tea towels” instead of the Saudi shemagh on their heads, in celebration of the club’s new Saudi owners. Which some considered racist or offensive behaviour.

Thousands of Newcastle fans wore homemade head towels as an alternative to the Saudi Shemagh, in front of Tottenham Hotspur, in the club’s stronghold of St James’ Park, last Sunday, to the chagrin of the “Kick It Out” team and influential football personalities.

And the Daily Mail indicated that it is likely that the organization concerned with equality will submit a request to Newcastle FC, to conduct educational workshops for fans, to explain how wearing tea towels, instead of the Saudi shemagh, can be considered racist or offensive behaviour.


action Newcastle fans wearing tea towels Saudi shemagh matches

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