“It’s impossible for a fan or two to tarnish an entire organization”

“It’s impossible for a fan or two to tarnish an entire organization”
“It’s impossible for a fan or two to tarnish an entire organization”

ONE System | 19/10/2021 13:28

A day after the violent clashes in the Bloomfield stands in the game against Hapoel Tel Aviv and the storm that ensued, the Betar Jerusalem fans’ organization, La Familia, announced today (Tuesday) on social media.

“La Familia strongly condemns the violence in the stands between the brothers,” it said. “The organization always works and has worked for unity in the audience despite all sorts of clear obstacles from home and abroad that have divided the audience, and the organization will continue to work for the unity of the audience. On the other hand, it is not possible that because one or two fans who have already determined that he is from the organization will stain an entire organization. Until the day before, everyone was united behind the organization and in an instant they forget all the good that the organization did. “

It is also written: “We will never agree to beatings between the brothers in and out of the stands, but it is not possible that everything bad that happens in the stands immediately is the responsibility of the organization without checking at all, and all good things the organization plans are ‘Betar fans’. Internal and will try to draw the right conclusions to strengthen the unity in the stands. “

One of the senior members of the fan organization, Lior Patori, published a post in which he did not apologize: There have always been arguments, but not like the time we got to the bottom. This is not what we wanted and not what we aspired to in the years that this organization was founded. We always knew how to fight whoever was hurting us as an audience, we fought for the rest of the audience, together with him and for him. There are a lot of stakeholders, agitated people, who have been looking for divisions. It does not mean that our hands are clean, neither as an organization nor as individuals, but it has already crossed borders and destroyed the desire. “

He further wrote: “Personally against what happened in Bloomfield and what will happen in the future with this unstoppable split. True, I’m less involved, but I think everyone who cares about Betar and the offer is important to him should make a mental calculation, stop, think and unite. We also have to say we were wrong and it is addressed to everyone. Do not forget that in the end we are all Betar fans and this thing that is so dear to us is so widespread. “

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impossible fan tarnish entire organization

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