The necessity of respecting the sovereignty of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean.. The text of Sisi’s speech at the Egypt, Greece and Cyprus summit

The necessity of respecting the sovereignty of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean.. The text of Sisi’s speech at the Egypt, Greece and Cyprus summit
The necessity of respecting the sovereignty of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean.. The text of Sisi’s speech at the Egypt, Greece and Cyprus summit

Posted on: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 – 1:08 pm | Last update: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 – 1:08 PM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that the tripartite summit is an important opportunity to address a number of regional and international issues of mutual interest, foremost of which is the file of stability in the eastern Mediterranean, which requires respect for the unity and sovereignty of the countries of the region and non-interference in their internal affairs, as well as observing the requirements of Maritime security for each country being part of regional security.

During the tripartite summit he is holding today, with Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece, and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, President El-Sisi added that the eastern Mediterranean region cannot be discussed. Without affirming – in this context – Egypt’s renewed support for the endeavors of the Republic of Cyprus with the aim of finding a comprehensive and just solution to the Cyprus issue; Based on the relevant international legitimacy and Security Council resolutions, and in a manner that leads to the reunification of the two parts of the island, emphasizing the importance of the commitment of all parties concerned not to violate the territorial waters or the airspace of either the Republic of Cyprus or the Republic of Greece.

The President indicated that today’s tripartite meeting is also an appropriate opportunity to reaffirm Egypt’s high priority to the issue of water security and its rights in the waters of the Nile River, as it is a crucial issue that requires making all possible efforts to reach a binding legal agreement on the rules for filling and operating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. “I am pleased, during our deliberations, to inform you – in detail – of our latest endeavors to reach a just solution to this issue in the face of the unjustified, understandable or acceptable intransigence of our brothers in Ethiopia,” he said.

The President expressed his aspiration to resume discussion during the tripartite summit on important files that have direct contact with the national security of our countries, and have a significant impact on the overall state of stability in the common regional neighborhood, on top of which is the Palestinian issue, the Libyan file, the situation in Syria and ways to support brotherly Lebanon, stressing that the periodic exchange Regular opinion and close coordination of positions on these issues and others related to the stability of the region is one of the main pillars of the successful tripartite partnership.

He continued, “We consider our tripartite partnership as a bridge of understanding and harmony across the two shores of the Mediterranean, and between Egypt and the European continent. From this standpoint, Egypt is counting on its Greek and Cypriot partners to support its vision and explain its positions within the broader framework of the European Union, consolidating and deepening the Egyptian-European partnership, which is based on Balance, respect and mutual benefit. In this regard, I will be pleased during our deliberations to review with you the important steps that Egypt has taken in the human rights file by launching the National Human Rights Strategy last September, as well as discussing ways to inform our European partners of these important developments, so that the seriousness of its endeavors becomes clear. The Egyptian state to uphold the rights and dignity of its citizens from a comprehensive perspective.

President Sisi added that the phenomenon of terrorism continues as a present danger that deprives the peoples of the region of their most basic human rights. That is, the right to security and a decent life, in the midst of cross-border crises that are no less dangerous, such as the phenomenon of illegal immigration and the associated activities of organized crime and human trafficking. A possible effort on our part to limit its repercussions, and the consequent great financial burdens, which Egypt willingly bears, as a contribution to supporting regional and international stability.

President Sisi concluded his speech by expressing his happiness – again – to meet his Cypriot counterpart and Greek Prime Minister in Athens, expressing his conviction of the importance of cooperation between the three countries. And launch the tripartite cooperation mechanism to broader horizons within the framework of openness and mutual interest in strengthening the pillars of security and stability in the region and the world at large.

President El-Sisi reiterated his aspiration for a “useful and constructive exchange of visions” on the topics on the agenda of the tripartite summit today, expressing in this context his aspiration for Egypt to host the tenth meeting of the tripartite cooperation mechanism next year.

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