The overseer from Jerusalem collapsed and died suddenly

The overseer from Jerusalem collapsed and died suddenly
The overseer from Jerusalem collapsed and died suddenly

Shock in Bayan Chassidut: In Jerusalem, the late Chassid Rabbi Fischel Eberlich, one of the most important Bayan Chassidim and overseer for many years at the ‘Nazar HaTorah’ yeshiva, died. This morning he collapsed from a sudden heart attack at home.

Baruch Dayan HaAmet: From Jerusalem comes the sad news of the death of the Chassidic Gaon Rabbi Yosef Yehoshua Yeruham Fischel Arbelich, one of the most important Bayan Chassidim and spiritual overseer of the ‘Nazar HaTorah’ yeshiva for many years, who died after a sudden cardiac arrest and is 70 years old at his death.

Behadrei Haredim learned that this morning he collapsed suddenly in his house after a cardiac arrest and was evacuated to the hospital during resuscitation, but unfortunately Rabbi Fischel returned his soul to the creator to the chagrin of the family and Bayan followers who received his death in shock.

“R. Fishel” as he was called, was born on the 16th of Tevet 5711 to his father Rabbi Yisrael Arabich, and to his mother Mrs. Deborah, the daughter of the late Rabbi Moshe Adler, rabbi of the Shikun HaRabbanim neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The deceased was a follower of Bayan in every sense of the word.

R. Fischel’s agenda was laden with Torah and Chassidut, every day he would arrive early in the morning at Mikveh Sanz near his house, he would pray in the cloister of Bayan Chassidim with the help of Torah and he would sit and study at Yeshivat Chebin in Jerusalem.

A central chapter in his life was being a spiritual overseer at the ‘Nazar HaTorah’ yeshiva in Jerusalem, where he placed many students on the path of Torah and Hasidism.

One of the students who studied with the deceased at the ‘Nazar HaTorah’ yeshiva tells Behadrei Haredim R. Fischel was loved by all the students and cared for them very much, he gave strengthening talks at the yeshiva, he always made sure that the boys were Hasidic voters.

In recent years, he served as spiritual supervisor at the Beit Asher Yeshiva Carlin in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem. And previously also served as Rosh Yeshiva at the Kuznitz Yeshiva in Bnei Brak.

Won and left behind a blessed righteous generation, sons and daughters, grooms and descendants.

On the funeral procession today, we will continue to be updated in “In the Haredi Rooms”

May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life.


overseer Jerusalem collapsed died suddenly

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