Your vote is a bullet that could kill Lebanon

The owner of the initiative to recover the looted funds with the help of the European Union and potential parliamentary candidate Omar Harfouch wrote on his Facebook page, “The discourse is sectarian and the mobilization is sectarian.”
Doctrinal mobilization, sectarian tension, sectarian sniping, sectarian armament, sectarian conspiracy, sectarian demonstrations, sectarian areas, sectarian justice, sectarian law, sectarian elections, sectarian quotas, sectarian external interference, sectarian neglect, sectarian corruption, sectarian death, and sectarian afterlife.”

He added, “Iranian Shiites, Syrian Shiites, American Maronites, French Maronites, Saudi Maronites, Syrian Maronites, Israeli Maronites, American Druze, Syrian Druze, Israeli Druze, Sunni Americans, Emirati Sunnis, Saudi Sunnis (in danger of extinction), French Sunnis, Syrian Sunnis. Sunni orthodox Americans, Syrian Shiite orthodox, Saudi Maronite Orthodox, Syrian Alawites, while Lebanon orphan its sons competing for employment to kill him, they prepare their military equipment and the number of their soldiers against each other.”

Harfouche continued, “Yes to a new, third, cross-sectarian Lebanese republic, yes to building a homeland for all without sectarian discrimination.”

Yes to a parliament with new national faces, yes to a prosperous, civilized Lebanon, yes to electricity and the internet, yes to human rights to live in peace and without fear, yes to removing sectarian barriers between neighborhoods.

He concluded, “The elections are coming, do not forget that you will fire the final bullet on Lebanon if you vote for these people again.”

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