The famous Simpsons series to the fore again… What’s the story?

The famous Simpsons series to the fore again… What’s the story?
The famous Simpsons series to the fore again… What’s the story?

The famous cartoon series “The Simpsons” surprised everyone, with its ability to anticipate events years in advance, and it has become a norm when any global event occurs, that followers of The Simpsons go to the old episodes of the series to see if it was talked about or not.

And a British company based in the United Kingdom announced that it would allocate $ 7,000 for watching all episodes of the series “The Simpsons”, in addition to the movie that was released in 2007, and predicting future events.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, Platinum Casino will pay the amount to the person who watches all episodes, and analyzes in detail the most important events that occur in each of its parts and predicts them in the future.

“We are looking for an analyst for The Simpsons to help us predict what it will bring us in 2022,” the British company said.

In the text of the ad, Platten Casino added: “The series has made its mark on events such as Donald Trump’s assumption of the presidency of the United States, the horse meat scandal in Europe in 2013, the spread of the Corona virus, and most recently the fuel shortage crisis in Britain.”

The past year also witnessed many events that were accompanied by allegations that the series predicted their occurrence, such as the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the American police, and the explosion of the Port of Beirut.

One of the latest predictions of “The Simpsons” was the space flight of businessman Richard Branson, as Branson appeared dressed as a space tourist in episode 15 of season 25, which first aired in March 2014, seven years before the flight.

During the episode titled “The War of Art”, Richard Branson is shown admiring a painting that was floating inside his spaceship.

As detailed in the company’s pitch, the job will require more than 35 hours per week to watch the 300 hours that make up the series, as well as the movie.

To qualify for this position, the person must be of legal age and, ideally, have a command of the English language to be able to watch the series in its original version.

“The Simpsons”, produced by “Fox”, is the longest-running American stand-up comedy series, with 673 episodes aired since its premiere in December 1989.

The Simpsons, which was released in cinemas in 2007, earned more than $527 million.

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