3 different looks.. who is the only hijabi on the red carpet

3 different looks.. who is the only hijabi on the red carpet
3 different looks.. who is the only hijabi on the red carpet

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Distinctive and different looks grab the hearts before the eyes, as veiled views rarely appear on the red carpet of the El Gouna Film Festival, which made their owners unique among the stars in their dresses.

Since the first day of the festival’s activities in its current session, photographers’ cameras have taken pictures of a veiled woman, with looks that mix elegance and modesty.

Just as the bold and revealing looks of the stars caused controversy and attention on social networking sites, this woman also received attention.

The pioneers of social networking sites shared photos of this woman on the red carpet at the El Gouna Festival, wondering about her identity.

The veiled woman is Jordanian Nadine Samra, Vice President of Digital Business for Zee Entertainment Ventures in the Middle East and Africa.

Nadine Samra appeared on the red carpet with various looks. On one occasion, she wore a bright multi-colored dress, and coordinated with it a golden veil.

While in another look, she appeared in a pink dress, with a golden belt around the waist, and coordinated with it a veil of the same color as the dress.

As for the third look, through which she caught the eye, she appeared in a dress with a mixture of black and silver, a wide belt on the back, and coordinated with it an off-white veil.

From an aesthetic point of view, Nadine is used to applying make-up in the Gulf style, highlighting the drawing of the eyes with black eyeliner.

The El Gouna Film Festival lit its fifth birthday candle last Thursday, with an opening ceremony attended by art stars from around the world, and the ceremony witnessed the honoring of the artist Ahmed El Sakka and awarding him the Creative Achievement Award, for his artistic career.

The fifth edition of the festival will continue this year until October 22, with the participation of filmmakers from about 36 countries.

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