After the friendly meeting, will the Iraqi Kurds form a united bloc?

After the friendly meeting, will the Iraqi Kurds form a united bloc?
After the friendly meeting, will the Iraqi Kurds form a united bloc?

where begin the visit meet the desk the politician للاتحاد the National the kurdish, والذي He was Pavel Talabani boss joint, On head My future Kurdistan Democratic Party.

وبحسب Resources Close, the meetings took place between bipartisan Kurdish major, the Union the National Kurdistan, and the Democratic Party Kurdistan, during which Meeting Ex and introductory pivoted About search in a ways and mechanisms formation alliance Kurdish parliamentary expanded, and crystallize Visions uniform in a Capital Iraqi Baghdad.

والق مصدرمطلع for sky News Arabic saying: “did not Complete research the details، but according to lines the petition then the two parties Agree On Importance unite Situation and vision the Kurds, before start tours negotiation the real marathon, what distance End interval Submit appeals electoral, and decide In which And from Then Advertising Results final, as Supposedly that Complete that During Two weeks Approximately“.

and follow Sources insider: “partisan Kurdish they own Net Relations historical and wide With Different colors Spectrum the politician Iraqi, And from Different the ingredients وهما kana always Tariffs axial in a Equations judgment والتوافق in a Iraq“.

He continued by saying: will try This is amazing time the side Kurdish Strengthen his presence ودوره more from the previous, especially and surely Results prove that the Kurds party Basic, No but rather too make up Bloc the second right Now distance Bloc bra, where reach number its seats Toward 65 seats parliamentarian, and he number old will reflect positively.”

Lamb that Leaks and speculation indicate to close Democrat Kurdistan from the current thoracic, but ambiance meetings Sulaymaniyah benefit that it No Events distance in a This the frame, و .نما she Just understandings General did not turn for principles a job agreed on her, Which No form a base alliance Political distance .

Fear watchers that it in a Shade cleavage Shiite, On background advertisement consequences The election, then the Kurds trying ranking their house inner, what qualify them to play far Middle وطفيقي On Upper Egypt Iraqi general.

and in This the frame He says Writer journalist Beauty Series, in a accident With Location Sky News Arabic: “Like This is amazing Encounters Mission وكلما earlier the Kurds in a unite their word and preparation to their demands negotiating, in the form of Clear ومنظم During Dialogues that you’re going almost in a Baghdad between Different the parties politicians, he will arrive that in a Valid Strengthen their gains and their position in a squad governmental new”.

and continues: “from the important dissipation quarrels what before The election وراحل Hype she has, and start in coordination and integration between Different powers Kurdish, and in Introduction partisan the two basic the Union the National And the Democrat Kurdistan“.

This hope circles Popular Kurdish that be This is amazing the visit and meet Which Total bipartisan the two big ones, Start to crystallize denominators common للکائم Kurdish Under dome Parliament Federal in a Baghdad, expressing I fear it in a Now Non verification that, from repetition Mashhad cleavage Kurdish During Negotiation engineering Package presidencies the three, Parliament and the Republic and the government, as happened far election general 2018.

has حل party Democrat Kurdistan Which harvest 33 seats First On Upper Egypt Kurdish ورابعا On level powers Iraqi, according to consequences The election Parliamentary early, while harvest the Union the National Kurdistan 17 seats, mud Secondly كرديا ، reaper rank Fifth On Upper Egypt Iraqi general, وبذلك then Total their seats current reach 50 seats.

please About bipartisan major, then strong Kurdish Other it will be metropolis in a Parliament Iraqi next, as a movement generation the new that harvested 9 Seating, والاتحاد Islamic Kurdistan Which happened On 4 Seating, while have community Islamic in a Kurdistan Iraq On seat the unit Only.

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