Norway attack: Police believe the five victims were killed with a sharp object

Norway attack: Police believe the five victims were killed with a sharp object
Norway attack: Police believe the five victims were killed with a sharp object

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Suspect Bratton is awaiting presentation to specialists for psychological evaluation

Police in Norway said Monday that the five victims of an attack carried out by a person carrying a bow and arrows last week, died of “stabbing with a sharp object”.

The suspect, Aspen Andersen Bratten, also fired arrows at several people in the city of Kongsberg, near the capital, Oslo.

But police confirmed that during the attack, Bratten either got rid of his bow or lost it.

This is the most violent attack ever witnessed in Norway since the massacre carried out by the right-wing extremist Andre Breivik, which killed 77 people, about ten years ago.

The police also announced the killing of five people in their homes and in public places with a “sharp object”, without giving further details.

The police statement on the attack said that it may not be possible at the present time to release all the information about the crime instrument, given that a number of witnesses have not yet been questioned.

He added that the victims were chosen at random, and that a number of people were subjected to arrows at the beginning of the attack, but they were not hurt.

Bratten admitted to the series of murders he committed in Kongsberg last Wednesday.

The suspect, a Danish Muslim, is currently being held in a health facility for a psychiatric evaluation, but that evaluation could take several months.

Police Inspector Per Thomas Umholt said: “With regard to the motives for the crime, illness remains the main hypothesis. The motive for converting to Islam remains a weak hypothesis.”

The Norwegian police had suggested last Thursday that the attack, which killed 5 people on Wednesday evening, was a “terrorist act”, but indicated that the motive was not yet known.

According to the police, the suspect converted to Islam some time ago, and there were fears that he had become an “extremist”.

The 37-year-old is accused of murdering 4 women and a man on Wednesday evening in the town of Kongsberg. The victims’ ages ranged between 50 and 70 years.


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