“Ended with a Miracle”: Testimonies of Betar fans from the stands

The night passed, but the events of last night (Monday) in the game between Hapoel Tel Aviv and Betar Jerusalem in Bloomfield are not really close to calming as eyewitnesses now share the terrible moments. It turns out that the girl who was attacked, 23 years old The 21-year-old soldier, who serves in an elite unit, was punched by about 15 La Familia fans and injured in the face, which also led to his evacuation for treatment.

“The chaos began in the 40th minute, when the fan organization stopped the fan, and in response fans began to sing ‘Come on Betar,'” a fan from the stands explained the chain of events. The fans who sang tried to calm the situation, but everyone who stood there was punched in the face. “

Following the shocking incident, another fan shared: “I wish the police would catch anyone who beat them with such great hatred. I was ashamed to be a Betar fan I was just ashamed.” Another fan wrote: It’s time to decide – is it Betar Jerusalem or her family. “

“It was shocking,” said another fan who was also present in the area. There were people crying, it was shocking. Kicking a soldier without mercy and for what? The girl was taken out of the stands in a half-throw with the crutches, literally escaped. “The MDA man had to be carried away. Miraculously, it ended in not serious injuries. And where are the police? Who protects the fans? Let the thugs control the stands, Moshe celebrates justice with every word on them.”

Betar Jerusalem’s response to events: Betar Jerusalem condemns all violence and has been working in recent years to combat the evil plague that tarnishes the name of the club and our large audience. The violence today is hard proof of that, with crossing another red line after attacking the team’s fans in the stands. The club invests a lot of money and resources in a struggle that includes, among other things, photo teams in the stands, security guards, expulsion of fans from the pitches, personal lawsuits and a variety of other preventive actions. But we can not conduct the struggle alone. We hope that the words of the Minister of Sports tonight and the actions he has announced will become deeds soon. We wish the injured a speedy recovery, and the club will support them throughout the recovery process. “

“Ending La Familia” (Alan Schieber)

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