Our ambition has no limits

Our ambition has no limits
Our ambition has no limits

The first Emirati astronaut, Hazza Al Mansouri, considered that the feeling of launching into space is indescribable, pointing out that the UAE’s ambition in the field of space exploration has no limits. He stressed that his extraordinary trip to space changed his view of life, as he saw the Earth from a different perspective, after years of training, explaining: “We studied in space the possibility of treating diseases in zero gravity, with the aim of saving human lives.”

Al Mansouri is participating in the Space Week at Expo 2020 Dubai, in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the Emirates Space Agency. The week is one of ten that are held throughout the international event, as part of the People & Planet programme.

The first Emirati astronaut told the “Expo News” team yesterday, describing his feelings when he left Earth’s orbit, and also that moment when he looked at Earth from space: “The feeling of launching into space is indescribable, after training for several years, then sitting in the rocket And listening to the countdown to the launch of the missile, I felt a feeling that is difficult to describe, in these moments I remembered all the challenges and feelings I went through in my life, until I reached the stage where I hear the countdown to launch, and I would not have reached without the great support of the leadership, family, friends and teachers.” .

He continued, “When I looked at the Earth from space, I saw it spinning quickly, and I saw that there are no borders between countries, and I felt that we as human beings must work with each other for one goal, which is to build this planet, preserve it, and build for future generations.”

He noted that his view of life changed after this mission: “I saw the Earth from a different perspective that few people saw, and I felt the value of the Earth and the value of the things we find on Earth, such as oxygen and water, and that we must preserve this planet.”

Regarding his readiness for the mission, he stressed that “there are no limits to the ambitions of the United Arab Emirates, especially in the field of space, starting with the rehabilitation of astronauts, through the launch of satellites, to going to Mars, sharing information with the scientific community, and also going to the moon. As well as future plans to land on the surface of Mars, and conduct experiments to live there,” pointing out that this trend is developing the space industry in the UAE and the Arab world, as it will include developing capabilities, and conducting more research in various fields, including those related to equipment development, and other matters. related to this sector, and it is possible to benefit from these sciences to be able to overcome the challenges facing us on the planet, such as water scarcity. Al-Mansoori continued: “We applied many scientific experiments during the seven days we spent on the International Space Station, including studying various diseases and their impact on the human body in the absence of gravity, and we are studying them with the aim of saving lives. As for the advice he gives to young people who want to work in the space sector, it is “to have a goal in life, whether they want to work in the space field or other fields, and to strive to achieve this goal, armed with determination and determination, and to acquire knowledge, and to ask specialists and experience In the field they want, because every person comes to the world and does not have any knowledge, but by asking about things he learns more, and benefits more.”

And about what Expo 2020 Dubai will achieve for the UAE and humanity, Al Mansouri stressed that “the exhibition is a great event for the UAE, and through it we shared with the world all that is on our land of heritage, knowledge, ambition and goals, and in the future we will see the ideas that came out of (Expo 2020 Dubai) are realized on On the ground, to be achievements witnessed by history, and the world says that we learned about them at (Expo 2020 Dubai).”

future missions

On his upcoming mission, Hazza Al Mansouri said: “I am working with my colleagues Sultan Al Neyadi, Noura Al Matrooshi, and Muhammad Al Mulla, to achieve future missions in the UAE Astronaut Program, which is a sustainable program that aspires to share scientific explorations, and we work together to achieve the missions and inspire future generations that no Something is impossible, and they must dream of great achievements, and achieve them.”

Hazza Al Mansouri:

• “In the future, we will see the ideas that came out of (Expo 2020 Dubai) come true on the ground, to be achievements that history will witness.”

• «My advice to young people is to have a goal in life, whether they want to work in the field of space or other fields, and strive to achieve it».

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