Families who violate the law and employ domestic workers without sponsoring them

Families who violate the law and employ domestic workers without sponsoring them
Families who violate the law and employ domestic workers without sponsoring them

Investigation: Muhammad Yassin

Some families residing in the UAE resort to the help of domestic workers to help them with household chores. Likewise, some families benefit from a maid for the residence of a citizen of their friends or acquaintances, due to the costly recruitment conditions. The implementation of the list of domestic workers announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, which sets a salary ceiling for recruiting workers from several countries; Some find it difficult, and increase the demand for runaway maids, or those who provide their services without accommodation.

A number of citizens and residents called for amendments to the regulation, to ease the burden on families, reduce the value of bringing in domestic workers, and increase the duration of their stay for two years for residents, instead of one year.

«Gulf» opened the file of domestic workers who work irregularly in homes, and the problems that may cause incidents of theft or attacks on children and expose their employer to the violation.

Faisal Ahli, Chief Prosecutor at the Nationality and Residency Prosecution in Dubai, confirmed that the use of domestic workers by non-sponsors is a violation punishable by law, with a fine of 50,000 dirhams for those who employ them, and the same fine for the sponsor who did not report the escape of his guarantor.

He added that there are many cases that the courts have considered, caused by domestic workers not sponsored by their employer, pointing out that the ease of benefiting from auxiliary labor without sponsoring a person, may bring many problems and crimes, such as theft and child abuse in the absence of parents and other crimes.

exploit mode

My family reviewed a number of cases involving members of a gang that attracted maids, using social media, and offered them work for other families with higher salaries; Those who respond to these temptations fall victim to gangs that exploit them.

He stressed the importance of canceling the residence permit as soon as the relationship between the sponsor and the domestic worker is terminated, so that the sponsor does not bear a fine of 50,000 dirhams, in the event the worker flees from his sponsor, and is caught working with another sponsor, explaining the need to know the procedures and responsibility set by the law on each party in the event the worker leaves his job. Or escaping from his sponsor to work for another without following the established procedures.

Faisal Ahli said: There is a probation period that guarantees employers the test of the worker and enables them to identify whether he wants to continue the work relationship or not. It was a stay or a visit, so that he is not responsible for his stay in the country and the value of the fine is incurred.

guarantor compensation

He explained that “Awadni” is one of the initiatives of the Nationality and Residency Prosecution, to compensate the sponsor whose maid ran away from his home with an amount of 10 thousand dirhams, and it is spent after the final judgment and the collection of 50 thousand dirhams from the employer of the maid who works for him, and she ran away from her first sponsor, stressing that forgetting Or negligence does not relieve liability.

He listed a case of a person who filed a report of theft against a maid working in his house, and after opening the report, it was found that he had allowed her to work for him, without residence, and the concerned authorities violated him, with an amount of 50 thousand dirhams.

labor smuggling

Lawyer Mohammed Al-Marzouqi said: The Emirati legislator has codified the process of recruiting and employing female workers, in order to protect the rights of all parties, from the maid to the employer, and even the director of the recruitment office who is the mediator between them, so he enacted Federal Law No. 10 of 2017 regarding domestic workers , which defines the controls for recruitment and employment of 19 professions to which the provisions of this law apply.

maid danger

Muhammad Bakr, director of a tourism company, confirmed that he prefers to recruit a maid over his sponsorship in order to secure some problems that may occur from a runaway maid or another sponsor, so that he can secure his family from the danger of a maid that may be a cause of theft or another crime.

He said that Tadbeer offices take advantage of their uniqueness in bringing in workers by increasing the prices of maids and their sponsorship, and not guaranteeing refunds, if the maid’s lack of experience or ability to work is discovered.

Increase the length of stay

Manal Muhammad confirmed that the cost of recruiting domestic helpers is great, and the length of stay is very short, because one year burdens families with a lot of effort in the many reviews and procedures that may push some people, to take advantage of runaway maids, to work in homes, despite the danger It is against the law. She stated that she had brought in a maid a few years ago, and after working for her for 6 months, she requested an emergency leave for 15 days, and she had already traveled to her homeland after we paid for her residence and her travel ticket, and during that period we were communicating with her, via “WhatsApp”, and she always confirmed that she You will be back to work on time. And she continued: I went with my husband to receive her on her return trip, but she did not return, and we tried to call, but she turned off her phone.

visit visa

Meanwhile, accountant Muhammad Othman said: Domestic help has become an essential matter for many residents because it contributes to alleviating the burden on spouses. He pointed out that some members of society bring in a maid on a visit visa, occupy her until her visit ends, and then bring her back again, on a visit visa, in order to avoid the cost of bringing her on their sponsorship, which is about 11,000 dirhams annually.

family stability

Muhammad Abdul Rahman (sales supervisor), confirmed that he prefers to use the domestic worker on a weekly basis, rather than bring in a maid, despite the need for her; Because of the conditions and procedures for renewing the residence permit for the maid every year, which is large and very expensive, as well as his follow-up to renew the residence of his family members.

He appealed to the competent authorities to increase the period of residence of the auxiliary workers in the country, and to toughen the punishment for the fugitive workers. He explained that he brought a worker to help his wife, and after months of work she left the house, which cost the family more money, to bring in another worker.

high cost

Imad al-Sukari (lawyer) said that the cost of establishing auxiliary workers is a major obstacle to recruiting them, although it is a necessity in light of the work of the spouses, and they do not devote themselves to domestic work, praising the idea of ​​“Tadbeer” centers, but their prices make benefiting from the auxiliary workers that they bring difficult. . He stated that he benefits from the services of companies that provide hourly labor assistance, despite their exaggeration in the price of workers, but it is cheaper than paying an amount to bring in a maid, and paying her residence costs annually.

maid announcement

While Umm Ahmed, the head of a family, said that she is benefiting from a maid who met her through an advertisement, with her number on the door of her house; Where you do household chores, for a monthly fee. She confirmed that she had earlier tried to bring in a maid from one of the centers, but she ran away after two months of working at home, without known reasons, and lost with her more than 10 thousand dirhams, residency and procedures for opening an escape report.

Tadbeer centers

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has launched Tadbeer centers, which numbered 50 centers spread throughout the Emirates; To provide services related to recruitment and employment requirements; In terms of opening a file for the customer, obtaining, renewing and canceling work permits and contracts, reporting work interruption, withdrawing the notification and completing all official work related to completing the documents of the domestic worker, medical examination, health insurance and identity card, residency confirmation and receiving the domestic worker upon their arrival in the country.

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