Betar Jerusalem: Fans attacked because they encouraged Kamso Mara

Betar Jerusalem: Fans attacked because they encouraged Kamso Mara
Betar Jerusalem: Fans attacked because they encouraged Kamso Mara

Betar Jerusalem looked bad tonight (Monday) in Bloomfield, disappointed the 8,000 fans who came to accompany it and got entangled at the bottom following the dramatic 1: 0 loss to Hapoel Tel Aviv, but with all the club’s troubles, the saddest thing for the club happened tonight with goals 10-11 at halftime The half.

It all started when the Guinean midfielder Kamso Mara, who was first included in the squad and then also made his debut, began to warm up. In response, the members of “La Familia” who were in the stands demanded not to encourage the player and not to encourage the team when he is on the field and all this solely because of his religion.

One of the fans told tonight about the events at Gate 11: “This is one of my saddest moments as a Betar fan, there are people here who must go to jail for many years. “If there is any law here that allows this, they should not step on the Betar podium any more. All people did was clap their hands or oppose them to stop cheering because of Kamso Mara, they just shouted that only they determine and started beating people.”

Another fan said: “There was a guy there who dismantled him, he could no longer get up, he was kicked in the face, punched, stepped on, only when MDA arrived they scratched him from the floor and took him for treatment. Another fan was taken to the hospital for tests after they also attacked her, two fans who tried to calm down and create a buffer also received murderous blows and ended up with blood on their faces. In the end, some members of La Familia came to apologize, but it was embarrassing, what they did was a crime, these are the people who are destroying the Betar stand.

It started to get hot and there was a commotion in the stands. The disappointed Kamsu Mara at the end | Ariel Shalom

Another Betar Jerusalem fan concluded: “I have been with Betar for 20 years, but today I finished, because what was there is all that is wrong with what is happening in the Betar stand with these fans. The most important role of the next owner is to get rid of them, even if we go down in the league, it’s less interesting, with them Betar has no more chance, they came in advance for racist chants and wait for Mara, also whistled at him, but most of the crowd supported him. “Betar fans need to be fired and put an end to it.”

Minister of Culture and Sports Hili Trooper said in response to the events: “The serious behavior of parts of the teams tonight is part of a chain of unbearable incidents of violence in sports in recent weeks. “Tomorrow I will work to harness all the relevant factors, including the administration, the association, the groups and the legal systems in Israel, to combat the violence that is taking place in the plots.

Betar issued an official statement following the minister’s remarks: “Betar Jerusalem condemns all violence and has been working in recent years to fight the evil plague that tarnishes the name of the club and our large audience. The violence today is difficult proof of this, The team in the stands The club invests a lot of money and resources in the struggle, which includes photography teams in the stands, security guards, removing fans from the pitches, personal lawsuits and a variety of other preventive actions.

“But we can not conduct the fight alone. We hope that the words of the Minister of Sports tonight and the actions he announced will become action soon. We wish a speedy recovery to the injured, and the club will support them throughout the recovery process.”

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