Bennett image attack • Pinto tweeted: ‘Netanyahu incites, did not leave the balcony’

Bennett image attack • Pinto tweeted: ‘Netanyahu incites, did not leave the balcony’
Bennett image attack • Pinto tweeted: ‘Netanyahu incites, did not leave the balcony’

Tonight (Monday), MK Shirley Pinto, from the right, fired at the head of the opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu, following his speech on Memorial Day to the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

In a tweet she posted on her Twitter account: “This year, too, Netanyahu used Rabin’s assassination to explain that he was in fact the one being attacked. Sometimes it seems like he never left that porch. An instigator was and an instigator will remain. “

After right-wing party officials understood the magnitude of the damage caused by the new MK, they sharply criticized it, saying it was a “terrible mistake” to imply that Netanyahu had incited Rabin’s assassination.

Following this, about an hour after the tweet, Pinto deleted it from her Twitter account and a few minutes later posted another tweet that also managed to anger the right-wingers:

“Murder is not a matter of right and left. For many months, Netanyahu has been inciting against the Prime Minister against the Minister of the Interior and the Government. “Netanyahu has no problem embracing Itzik Zarka, who stands in front of Prime Minister Bennett’s house and calls him a ‘traitor’ and preaches incitement.”

MK Galit Distel Atbrian responded: “After Shirley Pinto’s repulsive tweet, there is no choice but to decide – the right-wing party has completely completed its symbiosis with the left.
All that remains is to look in amazement at this crazy show and take pity on the kippah wearers who chose at the ballot box those who used their voice to incite against them. “

Media man Akiva Novik responded: “The snooker that Shirley Pinto puts in here to Bennett is inconceivable: all his life he tells how he returned the dome to his head after Rabin’s assassination because of accusations of this kind. Even tonight in the Knesset, he repeated the story. This is a huge image attack. “

Senior political commentator Amit Segal tweeted: “If in 2020 Bennett said that the allegations of right-wing incitement on the eve of Rabin’s assassination were a plot, and in 2021 his right-wing order accuses Netanyahu and the right of incitement from the balcony, what does 2022 Memorial Day tell us? Bennett and Shaked in a duet of a song for peace? ”

Kfar Chabad newspaper editor Aharon Dov Halperin tweeted: “Today, the right successfully completed the final transition to the left camp. post Scriptum. “If Levant had a little courage, he would have tweeted it himself and not sent Shirley Pinto on the unpleasant mission.”

Journalist Arie Ehrlich: “Let’s cut to the chase: When will the members of the ‘right’ make a pilgrimage to the Muqata to get rid of Abu Mazen’s face? Skip the steps along the way. Go straight to Tekel’s. “

And Rabbi Chaim Navon, a cousin of Minister Matan Kahana, wondered: “Question to experts: can a party get below zero in polls?”

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