“Send my sister to the hospital because she was encouraged”

Ugly incidents were recorded last night (Monday) in the Betar Jerusalem stands during the loss against Hapoel Tel Aviv. At least two fans and a fan were severely beaten and needed medical treatment and arrival at a hospital. In the main picture – the fan who was attacked.

The violent incidents allegedly took place because the La Familia fan organization present in the stands did not want to cheer as Kamasu Mara, the team’s new Muslim foreigner, began to warm up and came in as a substitute for the premiere minutes. Some of the fans clapped, and from there the riots began.

One of the fans wrote a post on the Facebook group of Betar fans: “What happened tonight in the stands is the biggest shame this club has ever known. 21 years of being in the stands, at home and abroad, and ‘Betar fans’ blow me up because I’m cheering? Shout ‘We are the owners of the house’. Who are you anyway? “A 23-year-old girl to a hospital because they decided to cheer against their teaching. I am ashamed and angry. You can lower the counter on this club as long as they continue to control the stands.”

A fan who attended the events told the sports channel: “I finished with Betar, as long as her family is there. What they did is unforgivable, embarrassing even those who still sided with them. They disbanded people only because they applauded Kamso Mara or wanted mercifully to encourage him and the team. An organization of criminals has taken over the stands, where are the police? How can they do what they want? “It is better that they dismantle Betar, the main thing is that this thing does not continue. The next owner should not think about strengthening the group, it is not terrible if we go down, first of all dismantle La Familia. Celebrating justice, they are the cancer of this club.”

Ugly events in the Betar stand in Bloomfield (Alan Schieber)

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