Dario Helet unveils Dario Move digital solution for skeletal and muscular problems

The full integration, completed just nine months after the acquisition of Upright Technologies, is a significant milestone for the company.

Skeletal and muscle problems are among the problems with the highest costs for employers and health care programs.

Dario Heath (DarioHealth Corp, NASDAQ: DRIO), a pioneer in the global digital healthcare services (DTx) market, announced the launch of Dario Move, a new digital physiotherapy solution for managing common skeletal and muscle problems leading to significant costs for employers and healthcare services. The solution will be unveiled at HLTH 2021, one of the largest and most important conferences on healthcare innovation, which will take place in a hybrid (face-to-face virtual) format from October 17 to 20, in Boston.

“The launch of Dario Move is a significant achievement for the company following the successful and effective integration of Upright’s solution to skeletal and muscular problems into our digital health platform for a range of chronic diseases. This combination further expands the range of treatments we offer and the audiences we target,” he said. Erez Rafael, CEO and President Dario Heath. “Dario Move is the realization of our vision for multi-use applications of the sensor technologies we acquired as part of the Upright acquisition. The new solution we launch opens up another significant potential market and integrates it into our comprehensive healthcare healthcare platform. To our partners. “

Adding Dario Move to Dario’s complete health care package enables the company to support comprehensive management of chronic diseases in the three most important categories for employers: diabetes, behavioral health, and metabolic health needs.

Skeletal and muscular health care costs have risen sharply in the last decade and have become one of the highest expenditure items for employers today, according to a recent survey of large employers1. However, although 50% of U.S. adults suffer from skeletal and muscular problems, many people who could have benefited from cheaper treatments, such as physical therapy, never come to such treatment.23 Dario Move, the digital physiotherapy solution, produces a better way Improve accessibility by moving the treatment site to the patient’s home, providing easy-to-use sensors, and customized exercises, all powered by the Dario Behavior Change Platform.

Dario Move makes it easy for users to improve skeletal and muscular health through a combination of smart software, technology and professional human support, including:

Single bio-feedback sensor for convenient use;

A personalized exercise program backed by evidence designed by physiotherapists to achieve effective treatment.

Real-time feedback that helps improve mobility;

Real-time support from coaches and physiotherapists throughout the treatment to track progress, adjust program and encourage perseverance;

A very personal experience using Dario’s complete solution package for chronic diseases.

“Dario Move offers an attractive alternative to more traditional and complex solutions through effective digital therapies that encourage involvement in patients’ homes,” he said. Rick Anderson, President and CEO of Dario North America. “By doing so, we increase the likelihood that users will be involved in and persevere with the treatment, which will lead to improved clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of treatment.

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