A special meeting in memory of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

A special meeting in memory of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
A special meeting in memory of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said today (Monday) at a special session of the Knesset plenum in memory of Yitzhak Rabin: “In the twenty-six years since the assassination, I have returned many times to that night in Kings of Israel Square. I hope we also learned that it is forbidden to silence entire publics in our society, it is forbidden to discredit an entire public if an individual within the same public commits a crime or a riot. One another, if hatred can permeate and divide us, if generalizations can take over the discourse between us, we will lose everything that has lied to us all, and God forbid we will lose our country as well. That we have lost our home from within in the past. “

“After two years in the army I was without the dome, I returned the dome on my head in the days after the horrific murder. I felt that was the proper answer to the attack against the kippah wearers. Two lessons emerge from the murder, one Violence is out of the question. The second lesson is that groups in Israel should not be blacked out because of the individual. “From these lessons. One that strengthens the common, connecting and unifying between us – and it is so great and so great from the party. We want all Israeli citizens to feel welcome, whether they have representation in the coalition or not.”

Deputy Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Yair Lapid attacked: “Yigal Amir’s ideological descendants are sitting in the Knesset of Israel today. They are receiving legitimacy, welcome guests in all the studios. On the question of whether we still want to live in a democratic regime with the rule of law, or whether we want to move to a populist, authoritarian, extremist and nationalist regime. That was the election. This is the division. The people, in front of those who want to dismantle it.

Lapid added: “In all four elections of the past year, in all the complicated process of forming a government, the anti-democratic chorus has not stopped shouting the word ‘left, left, left.’ That’s why they lost. Because they got stuck in yesterday’s language. It is old. The government we formed is neither left nor right, it is a government of most of the citizens of Israel, who decided to save Israeli democracy. “The same people, say the same things. Those who talk like that, those who act like that, do not believe in democracy. Do not believe in life that has limits and laws.”

He concluded: “The facts are that there were elections and we won. We brought 61 fingers to this hall and formed a government. These are the laws. This is how it works. It turned out that the Democrats also know how to stand up for themselves. They know how to fight for their positions. “There was an attempt here to assassinate her by other means. We prevented him at the last minute. Out of commitment, out of patriotism, out of an understanding that what happened must not be repeated. And I want to tell the anti-democratic forces that are around us. We are here for a long time.”

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu said: “I have always believed that if peace with the Arab states depended on the consent of the Palestinians, there would never be peace. They may be the last and certainly not the first and they may not come at all. So why wait, why veto them and why put peace in their hands? The Oslo Accords illustrated that lasting peace cannot be achieved on the basis of hope alone – and certainly not on the basis of false hope. I have always believed that peace is made with enemies – but only with those who decide to stop being enemies. Do not make a sham peace – with those who use a peace agreement to improve positions for the continuation of the struggle in Israel. And in this context I repeat: there is no such thing as ‘victims of peace’. There are ‘victims of terrorism’. Terrorism is terrorism, and peace is peace! “

Netanyahu added: “The controversy with the government’s position at the time was substantial, firm and sharp – because it dealt with crucial issues for our existence and our future. . We are one people. “I said:” Rabin is not a traitor. He is wrong, but he is not a traitor. “Above the Knesset podium, a month before the assassination, I said unequivocally: “Rabin is a murderer, Begin is a murderer, Shamir is a murderer, Sharon is a murderer – these are things that have always been wrong, and we condemn it everywhere.”

Netanyahu responded to criticism when he was not present at the ceremony in memory of the late Rabin: “Netanyahu responded to criticism when he was not present at the ceremony in memory of the late Rabin:” There is one side that everything he says and does, including the most extreme expressions. And contempt for the symbols of the state), it is ‘democracy’, ‘statehood’, ‘freedom of expression’. And there is another side – we – which even when we express positions that represent the majority of the Israeli public – legitimate positions – neither hanging ropes nor guillotines nor contempt for state symbols – it is already labeled as’ incitement ‘,’ hate speech ‘, division,’ shisui ‘,’ Vulgarity ‘. Now there is also a new addition: ‘Lack of statehood’. Year after year there are those who use Rabin’s assassination to attack my camp and him. For 26 years I heard this in ceremonies and gritted my teeth but fulfilled my duty as Prime Minister. When I came they asked why I came and when I did not come – why I did not come. “There are opposition leaders here who have boycotted other days of remembrance and are not being talked about.”

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Danny Shem Tov

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman

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