Facebook or TV? It is the most influential media

Facebook or TV? It is the most influential media
Facebook or TV? It is the most influential media
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A new large-scale study by the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University found that the media that most influences Israelis’ worldview are social networks (more so than television channels and other media).

Half of the public claims that Pike News harms its understanding of reality; A significant part of the public believes that a government body on behalf of the Israeli government is the factor that should decide regarding the removal of information on social networks.

According to the study, the media that most influences the worldview of Israelis are the social networks – 27.2%. The TV channels followed with 25.8%. Among the social networks: Facebook is the network that receives the most use in everything related to political-security issues (41.2%), by a large margin over the other networks.

The phenomenon that worries Israelis the most on social media is bullying and expressions of hatred – 45.7%. Only a negligible minority are not worried about social networks – 6.7%. However, an almost equal number of respondents from the Arab sector responded that alongside bullying and hate speech (28.9%), the lack of privacy and information security (28.1%) is an equally worrying phenomenon on social networks – compared to about 17.8% among the Jewish sector.

A large majority of the Israeli public supports vaccines for corona – 86.8%. The professional experts who appeared in the media are the most influential factor in the position of the general public in relation to vaccines – 23%, followed by the Ministry of Health’s information – 17.2% and social responsibility – 17.1%. Despite the enormous power of social networks, it is clear that precisely in relation to vaccines, the information that came from them had a negligible effect on the public – 1.5%.

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Facebook influential media

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