Sudan..Security fires liquefied gas and protesters rise | international news

Sudan..Security fires liquefied gas and protesters rise | international news
Sudan..Security fires liquefied gas and protesters rise | international news

Sudanese security forces closed the roads leading to the headquarters of the government, after protesters loyal to the Sovereignty Council announced their intention to close the government headquarters until Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk dissolved it.

Al-Arabiya channel reported that “Sudanese security forces fired tear gas to prevent protesters from entering the government headquarters.”

It was previously reported that the protesters arrived at the government headquarters, where the police imposed a security cordon.

The “palace sit-in secretariat” stated that they decided to continue the escalation and close the vicinity of the cabinet, explaining that “our demand is clear, which is the dissolution of the executive government,” and they confirmed that they are heading to the Council of Ministers to ask Hamdok to dissolve the government.

The Forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change issued a statement saying that “on the third day of the palace sit-in, and after the square witnessed an increase in the number of arrivals in the square, and the area of ​​the sit-in expanded and expanded, the peaceful revolutionaries decided to conduct a procession to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which is a short distance from the square. The sit-in, to increase the impact of the sit-in and its voice in the internal media, but the peaceful procession was deterred and dealt with excessive violence that led to more than five injuries to the procession, in addition to campaigns of distortion and media betrayal that accused the procession of intending to attack the Council of Ministers.

In their statement, the protesters condemned the violence they were subjected to by the security men, and confirmed that “the palace sit-in has been extended to include all of the country, and we will fill all of Sudan with sit-ins calling for the reform and expansion of power, including all components of freedom and change, and the removal of the four parties from centralization of decision-making, Implementation of peace and transitional justice.


SudanSecurity fires liquefied gas protesters rise international news

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