The National Meteorological Authority uses computing to enhance its weather forecasts

The National Meteorological Authority uses computing to enhance its weather forecasts
The National Meteorological Authority uses computing to enhance its weather forecasts

The National Center of Meteorology has announced the launch of a supercomputer, developed by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, to enhance its capabilities in weather forecasting and climate research.

The supercomputer, which was called “Atmosphere”, runs on the “Heppy Cry X” system and provides an advanced platform to accomplish tasks that require enormous computing capabilities such as computing, accelerated computing, programming, storage, and networking, which will help researchers in the center to implement many operations. Complex data with high accuracy and speed, such as numerical modeling and simulation, the use of artificial intelligence, the use of deep learning capabilities to process complex data, forecasting weather events and others.


Dr. Abdullah Al-Mandoos, Director-General of the National Center of Meteorology and President of the Asian Meteorological Federation, said: “The launch of this computer comes within the framework of our constant keenness to provide all the needs of the UAE in the field of weather forecasting, and to provide data and weather alerts in real time to various local authorities, as well as to all segments. society to ensure the safety of lives and property, as well as to gain a better understanding of the complex factors that affect weather patterns, and to develop innovative technologies that contribute to enhancing sustainability.”


Al-Mandoos explained that the joint cooperation between the National Center of Meteorology and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has resulted in the design of a computer with superior performance and capabilities, theoretically reaching a peak of 2.8 petaflops in the field of numerical modeling, simulation and artificial intelligence, which helps the center to develop the speed of weather forecasting and enhance climate research capabilities. .


“Most weather forecasting systems around the world use Hewlett-Packard supercomputers, whether it’s for hurricane forecasting or to see the spread and impact of wildfires more generally,” said Bill Mannell, vice president and general manager of HPC, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. The world’s leading organizations, such as the National Center of Meteorology in the UAE, rely on supercomputing capabilities to obtain accurate information and data about the weather and climate, which helps them in the decision-making process and ensures the safety of all.”


In turn, Ahmed Al Khilafi, General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the UAE, expressed his pride in cooperating with the National Center for Meteorology and building the Atmosphere supercomputer, adding: “Through this cooperation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise confirms its commitment to the UAE to build an innovative ecosystem. And sustainable, that would support the National Center of Meteorology in predicting the weather faster than ever before.”

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