Lieberman decides: Eli Avidar will not be on the next list of ‘Yisrael Beiteinu’

Lieberman decides: Eli Avidar will not be on the next list of ‘Yisrael Beiteinu’
Lieberman decides: Eli Avidar will not be on the next list of ‘Yisrael Beiteinu’

The Minister without Portfolio, MK Eli Avidar, apparently ended his political path in the Yisrael Beiteinu party.

Avidar refused the position of minister in the Ministry of Finance during the distribution of portfolios ahead of the formation of the government and even threatened to vote independently. Avidar then told his associates: “From now on, the faction has six MKs and one independent MK.”

Today (Monday), Zeev Kam posted on Net B a recording of a closed conversation, in which Avidar speaks against Lieberman: “Lieberman offered me the position of minister in the Ministry of Finance. I burst out laughing. I said thank you very much it is an important role, but I give up. If you needed me you would not give two offices to encourage Forer and leave me with the OECD. So at least do not work on me, you have not got a reputation as a liar to this day. “

Avidar also said in the recording: “I deserve to be a minister more than 99% of the ministers who sit there.”

According to a report by Yehuda Schlesinger in Israel Today, following this, senior party officials estimated that Avidar had ended his time in the party and that the party’s chairman, Lieberman, was not expected to include him on the list in the next election.

Lieberman even hinted at this in public today, during the faction’s meeting, when asked about the recording and whether he fears that Avidar, who will not accept the post of Eleazar Stern’s intelligence minister, will vote against the budget.

Lieberman replied: “I’m not worried about anything. We will pass a budget, we will pass smoothly without any problems. Although we will keep all the ‘rules of the genre’ – dramas, conflicts and an ultimatum, but in the end it will pass. “

Lieberman added to the recording: “I grew up on the values ​​of the Betar citrus, I never record neither myself nor others and certainly do not leak to the media. Eli Avidar decided to go his own way and I wish him success. “

Avidar himself tried to minimize damage and said: “Whoever recorded me two months ago and made sure to leak the recording today, did so to create a renewed conflict with Minister Lieberman. As much as it’s up to me, it’s not going to happen. Appreciate him and thanks to him I am in politics; Even if during the many months of protest there were unbridgeable disagreements between us. I concentrate on the public service and promoting the values ​​we fought for from within the government, and I will continue to do so in any case. “

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