Nasrallah threatens Lebanon… Politicians and activists: You are the country’s enemy

Nasrallah threatens Lebanon… Politicians and activists: You are the country’s enemy
Nasrallah threatens Lebanon… Politicians and activists: You are the country’s enemy

The announcement by the Secretary-General of the “Hezbollah” militia, Hassan Nasrallah, that his party has 100,000 trained and equipped fighters in Lebanon triggered a series of reactions.

The resigned Lebanese MP, Nadim Gemayel, commented on the speech and said in a tweet via “Twitter”: “Mr. Hassan, you are not the enemy of Christians… you are the enemy of Lebanon.”

He added: “You are the one who killed the best of his youth, you are the one who destroyed his economy, you are the one who expelled his Christian, Sunni and Shiite youth.”

In turn, Lebanese MP Fouad Makhzoumi said on Twitter, “What we have heard now is a distortion of the facts! The dispute in Lebanon is not between Christians and Hezbollah, but between a Lebanese people who want to build a country, a judiciary and an economy, and between Hezbollah and its corrupt political system that protects it from all sects that strike the judiciary, reform and logic.” The state isolates Lebanon from its Arab surroundings.

Meanwhile, Lebanese MP Ziad Hawat believes that “Hezbollah’s Secretary-General’s declaration that there are 100,000 fighters under his command and addressing the Lebanese with arrogance is unacceptable.”

Hawat added: “Christians and Lebanese, sir, did not fear the surplus power of the Liberation Organization, nor from the Syrian occupation army, and they will certainly not be intimidated by your actions and their history is full of resisting the occupiers, and they will not fear today or tomorrow.”

He concluded: “The Secretary General of Hezbollah talks about weapons, militias and civil war, and in the same speech he announces that he heads the largest militia of 100,000 fighters to intimidate and subjugate the Lebanese.”

As for the former deputy, Fares Saeed, he tweeted: “The words of Mr. Hassan Nasrallah have established the leadership of Dr. Samir Geagea (leader of the Lebanese Forces Party)… Sir, you do not know Lebanon.”

Nasrallah’s words topped the activists’ comments and tweets, and under the hashtag “Terrorist Party of God”, the Lebanese journalist Salman Andari wrote on Twitter: “The time is over / restore your accounts / we have 100,000 fighters / … a nerve-tightening and threatening speech and the conclusion of a prejudgment on the investigation .. May God help Lebanon.”

Journalist Maryam Seif El-Din wrote sarcastically: “If the 100,000 fighters stood in line, they would have reached Jerusalem,” referring to Hezbollah’s carrying the slogan of liberating Jerusalem.

And an account in the name of Lina wrote on Twitter: “Doesn’t the recognition of (victory of terrorism) with his terrorists threaten the Lebanese and peace in Lebanon, international intervention to withdraw this weapon?”

Lebanese activist Josiane Nohra said on Twitter: “When illusory empires begin to fall, we notice in speeches an increase in lies, hatred and threats, a distortion of facts and an unprecedented spark…Hassan the criminal terrorist is in crisis.”

Lebanese activist Walid Freiji wrote: “Nasrallah’s speech is a public coup against the state and a dedication to his state.”

He added: “Hundreds of armed elements…this dangerous and direct confession blew up the military establishment and its prestige. Be polite, publicly threatening the return of the assassination season.”

Nasrallah announced Monday that his party has 100,000 trained and equipped armed fighters, against the backdrop of what took place in the Tayouneh area in Beirut, which left 7 dead and a large number of his militia wounded.

Nasrallah attacked the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, accusing him of inciting these events, considering that “his program and his party is a civil war to cradle Christians in a demographically specific area.”

He pointed out that the “forces” “do not care about a military clash and civil war because that serves them externally,” and declared that Geagea poses the greatest threat to the Christian presence and to Christian social security in Lebanon.

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