Cooperation and coordination agreement between Dubai Media and the UAE University

Cooperation and coordination agreement between Dubai Media and the UAE University
Cooperation and coordination agreement between Dubai Media and the UAE University

Recently, Dubai Media Incorporated announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Arab Emirates University, aimed at strengthening the bonds of relationship between the two parties, exchanging experiences and coordination in all media fields, facilitating media coverage of events and extra-curricular activities within the university, implementing media programs and projects for students, and providing Support in related areas, which is beneficial to both parties.

Signing the note

During a meeting held at the Dubai Media Corporation building, which included a number of directors of the Corporation and the United Arab Emirates University, it was signed by Ahmed Saeed Al-Mansoori, Executive Director of the Radio and Television Sector, and Dr. Aisha Salem Al Dhaheri, Associate Deputy for Student Affairs, in the presence of: Dr. Ghaleb Al-Hadrami Al-Buraiki , Acting President of the United Arab Emirates University, Ahmed Al Hammadi, Executive Director of the Publishing Sector at Dubai Media, Rashid Amiri, Deputy Executive Director for Channel Affairs, Asma Al Sharhan, Deputy Executive Director of the Radio and Television Sector, Administrative Support, Sarah Al Jarman, Director of Public Channels Department in the Corporation, and Abdul Rahman Amin, Director of Sports Channels Department, Adel Khuzam, Director of Planning Department at Dubai Media, and a number of managers and officials.

Ahmed Saeed Al-Mansoori praised the cooperation between the two parties, noting that the memorandum provides many distinguished opportunities. He said: “We are pleased to conclude a memorandum of understanding with the United Arab Emirates University, which comes in light of the educational achievements and qualitative leaps that the university has achieved in recent years, and which works to provide the media scene with more talents and young media energies, which contributes to strengthening the media sector. in the state.”

He added: “This memorandum embodies the vision of the wise leadership, which aims to strengthen and activate strategic partnerships between national institutions, in order to achieve the highest and best levels of performance, and there is no doubt that this memorandum will contribute to strengthening the position of Dubai Media Incorporated on the scene, by benefiting from energies and talents.” Young media professionals, and the outcomes produced by the educational policy at the United Arab Emirates University,” stressing that the memorandum of understanding will contribute to empowering students and strengthening their various media skills, noting that the memorandum comes from the Dubai Media Corporation’s keenness to launch strategic initiatives and strengthen cooperation with national institutions. prestigious.

Skills Development

Dr. Aisha Al Dhaheri stressed the importance of this cooperation, which gives UAEU students opportunities to develop their media skills and benefit from the expertise offered by the Dubai Media Corporation, a pioneer in this field due to its platforms and national capabilities of the highest standards. She added, “We are also, through this agreement, looking forward to implementing joint projects and events.”

Diversity and inclusiveness

Among the most important provisions of the memorandum of understanding, providing training opportunities for the employees of the two institutions, supporting and developing their capabilities and skills, providing opportunities for training university cadres and staff on how to deal with various media, in addition to enabling Dubai Media Corporation employees to benefit from training programs, events, seminars and conferences that it holds. The university periodically, and working together to discover young media talents at the university and develop their media skills and capabilities.

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