Tel Aviv is finally red

Tel Aviv is finally red
Tel Aviv is finally red

1. Well friends, Tel Aviv is finally red! And not because of the almost unjustified victory over the yellow and yellow of Jerusalem, but more because of the fact that the table does not lie. Peek and not get hurt, four points advantage over the runner-up, lead even in the number of conquests, absorption five goals less than the rich Goldhars, and a distance of five steps in the rankings, are a winning statistic. The table does not lie, and after we dismantled Betar one zero, it can be decided decisively. Tel Aviv is red, not from Corona.

2. And not that it was a big game, we saw until a few years ago much bigger than it. But it was, also thanks to the adrenaline and the crowd, the best in the Hapoel games this season, when even the defensive game does not stutter awkwardly and ridiculously, as in some of the games that preceded it, perhaps also thanks to the fading and lacking Betar Jerusalem attack. Rosa finally justified and somehow the Brazilian passport in his pocket, Einbinder is Einbinder, and the beloved Idan Vered should probably play every week against Betar. And to think that all this would not have helped had it not been for the cook who should have appeared in Master Chef, the eloquent and intelligent Ben Bitton, who at times reminds us of Felix Halfon in his good old days, at least on the offensive side.

All the names I mentioned, remind us that finally, after years, a group has to be run, or at least a type of group. Since the Nisnobs have arrived, and this is one of the good things that can be said about them, the verb improves from season to season. Although a gradual improvement, such a slight one, but still an improvement, and at least not a setback. So go ahead friends, bring (you always leave money aside for the gray January) what a real striker, not every day Shlomi Azulai will move his head with a perfect shot, and then you will not have to wait for the ninety-fourth minute to win a mediocre plus-plus game. For your care, the Nisnov brothers, and it would not hurt to be a little less Abu Ali in the arbitration, the half a million shekels you lost in the Buzaglo affair, who knows, could have helped us paint Tel Aviv red even at the end of the season.

3. Please allow me to criticize most of my colleagues in the sports press, who condemned, condemned and even condemned the behavior of the excellent fans of Hapoel and Betar. At least a remake of that pipe game in Petah Tikva almost fifty years ago.

But we became purists, beautified, as if it were a great performance by Yoram the genius of Betar and the working Gevatron, and not a football game in which he created the main thing. Of the Carmel and the Judean camp, and all because of an unkind hand gesture. No matter, Salim loves to meet Betar.

4. And it’s hard to finish this column without raising an eyebrow at the bizarre attack of a significant portion of the runner – up’s fans on the experienced and quality coach Van Leven. Those who tied crowns to his head last season and even after the recent handsome victory over the champion, are currently demanding his dismissal after just six rounds. And once again it is proven, unfortunately, that the runner-up fans are mostly fans of successes, who demand a championship every year, and ask for the head of the excellent Dutchman, as if the coach is to blame for the mediocre ability of the players. And with all the rivalry between the two teams of Tel Aviv, I also admit that Maccabi, even if in the past, is a luxury club, and as such he is not allowed by Mitch Goldhaar, to throw out a coach just because the street demands it. So what if Tel Aviv is red.

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