Dubai Police develops a device to raise fingerprints to limit the escape of perpetrators

Dubai Police develops a device to raise fingerprints to limit the escape of perpetrators
Dubai Police develops a device to raise fingerprints to limit the escape of perpetrators

The Fingerprints Department of the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology at Dubai Police has developed a new device to raise fingerprints from the crime scene, and send them directly to the expert for technical comparison within record time, by referring to the unified database of biometric fingerprints, using the latest artificial intelligence techniques.

The Director of the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology, Major General Dr. Ahmed Eid Al-Mansoori, said that the device represents an important shift, reduces the chances of perpetrators fleeing outside the country, and is a more effective alternative to the traditional method that relies on raising fingerprints by “gelatin”, and then transferring traces manually to laboratories. To compare, what takes longer in the business that offenders invest in escaping.

He stressed that the device contributes to achieving the objectives of the Dubai Police General Command in quickly uncovering the ambiguity of crimes, providing material evidence that supports the conduct of investigations, and helps judicial authorities in achieving justice, noting that the General Department of Criminal Evidence has started work on developing the device since 2018, with the aim of raising the level of performance. Accelerating the pace of obtaining fingerprinting results from crime scenes, and speeding up the detection of perpetrators. For his part, the Deputy Director of the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology, Brigadier General, Senior Expert Ahmed Matar Al-Muhairi, explained that the fingerprints were removed from the crime scene in the past using the “fingerprint transmitter”, which may not be of high benefit, in the event that traces of Fingerprints are placed on high-temperature surfaces, indicating that the new device works with white and ultraviolet rays to raise fingerprints at any temperature.

He stated that the device raises the effects with high quality, and also contains a lens that can enlarge the raised fingerprints to 10 times, which achieves a high quality result, and it can also capture the image of the effects more than once, capabilities that were not available by traditional methods.

He stressed that in parallel with using the device to remove fingerprints from crime scenes, Dubai Police continues to coordinate with its partners in the private sector to develop a search system in the database to always reach the best results.

mobile phone size

On the specifications of the device, the Director of the Fingerprints Department in the General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology, Lt. Colonel Jassim Muhammad Abdullah, said that the device is characterized by a set of characteristics, the first of which is that it is small in size of a mobile phone, so it can be carried to the crime scene with ease and ease, in addition to containing a Longitudinal waves and filters to raise the effects of fingerprints in direct imaging through the use of a special lens with high accuracy and quality, accompanied by white lighting of two degrees, and ultraviolet lighting to show the details of the fingerprint lines in high quality. He added that after capturing the fingerprint images, they are sent directly via e-mail to the alternate expert in the fingerprint management, to compare them with the “biometric” fingerprint database, and to reveal the identity of its owner, whether he is a suspect in a case, a victim, or a deceased person, to find out his identity. .

• The device contains a lens that can magnify raised fingerprints to 10 times.

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