The Israelis produced oxygen on the moon

Simulation of oxygen and metal production on the moon. Helios

An Israeli-German agreement to conduct an oxygen fortification experiment on lunar soil was signed in Germany between OHB and the Israeli company Helios, which operates with the support of the Israeli Space Agency. Helios is developing technology for the production of oxygen and metal from lunar dance and other planets to overcome one of the significant challenges in having future extraterrestrial colonies.

OHB’s spacecraft is being built together with Israel Aerospace Industries on the basis of experience gained in the Genesis project and is planned to carry out a series of experiments and fly unique cargo to the moon for the European Space Agency, companies in Europe and around the world.

“Oxygen is one of the most significant and heavy components in spaceflight, over 60% of the weight of rockets at launch,” says Jonathan Geifman, CEO of Helios. Nearly half of the ground mass on the moon is made of oxygen that can be extracted in place without the need to fly it from Earth and thus significantly reduce future flying costs and reduce the dependence on the delivery of raw materials from Earth. Success in producing oxygen on the moon is the key to human evolution outside of Earth and a dramatic reduction in space exploration costs. “

The formation of materials is done in a process of electrolysis which decomposes the minerals and oxides that make up the sand into iron, iron and silicon. Helios’ technology, which it develops in its laboratories in Israel, also has many applications on Earth in the production of iron and silicon in an environmentally friendly process that can reduce over 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

“Establishing a permanent base on the moon requires broad international cooperation,” says Brigadier General (Res.) Uri Oron, director general of the Israel Space Agency. “Helios is an example of a company that will become a major global player in efforts to return to the moon. We welcome the tripartite cooperation between the two companies along with IAI that expresses the strong technological ties between Israel and Germany and the ability of cross-border collaborations to bring about scientific breakthroughs.”

Helios is an Israeli company that was established in 2018 with the support of the Israeli Space Agency, the Ministry of Energy and the Innovation Authority. The company’s vision is to enable sustainable existence on Earth and beyond. The company has a number of technological developments, which include the production of oxygen from lunar dance and the production of silicon and steel without greenhouse gas emissions on Earth.


Israelis produced oxygen moon

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