“Do not understand why the opposition has not done anything since 2016”

“Do not understand why the opposition has not done anything since 2016”
“Do not understand why the opposition has not done anything since 2016”

The Minister of Finance, and Chairman of the Yisrael Beiteinu Party, Avigdor Lieberman, said today (Monday) at the beginning of the faction’s meeting: 15% to 20% and this is a significant component in lowering the cost of living in at least three main areas: in the construction industry, in hotels and restaurants. The abolition of the levy will directly affect the reduction in the cost of living for the consumer and this bill will be submitted after the budget until the end of 2021. “

Speaking of Minister Lieberman: “I would like to begin by saying a few words in honor of the day of the memory of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and in the run-up to the heated Knesset debates, we are all committed to speaking more quietly and remembering that speaking style matters.” According to the Bank of Israel and the Central Bureau of Statistics, the data are much better than we could have dreamed when the government was formed, even the most optimistic did not expect this. Third, when we were the first in the world and the most dramatic decision was to leave the economy open and live next to the corona without closures.

Lieberman stressed: “The budget is very complex and must have order logic and planning. The order logic is structural changes, reforms and fiscal legislation. All issues related to wages, collective agreements and working conditions will be addressed towards budget 2023-2024. When I took office as finance minister there were 3 problems Burning: strike and conflict with the disabled, conflict with the IDF disabled and a burning issue of domestic violence. “It is budgeted to eradicate domestic violence. I suggest to all critics to remember the things we have already managed to resolve and to remember that this government has existed for four months.”

Referring to the crisis with the interns, he said: “As for the interns, what obliges us is the same collective agreement that has already expired with the Medical Association and the same agreement signed in 2011. I negotiate only with the Medical Association, so what I told the Minister of Health is to” activate the The mechanism that exists and is signed by the state, by the Ministry of Health, by the Medical Association and whatever you decide, you as the Minister of Health and the Rebbe will be acceptable to us. ” Of doctors and interns in hospitals in the center. In this spirit, I hope we will summarize this whole issue, together with the Minister of Health and the Ministry of Health. “

Regarding the promotion of the increase in the salaries of regular soldiers, he said: “Regarding regular soldiers, I do not understand why the opposition has not done anything since 2016. In the election campaign I was the only one who talked about subsistence fees for regular soldiers and said we will increase by 50%. “Unfair and one-sided. Check me out in a year, on June 13, 2002 and we will see what we promised and kept. To come and accuse me, it is an exaggeration. L. hopes that we will be able to resolve some of these issues long before 2023. “

Photo: Michael Luria


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