Sad end to Alte Pixler AH: Cruelly cut off from the respirator

Sad end to Alte Pixler AH: Cruelly cut off from the respirator
Sad end to Alte Pixler AH: Cruelly cut off from the respirator

The two-and-a-half-year-old toddler Alte Pixler, who was born with a rare deformity that injured her brain, was brutally cut off from the ventilator at Manchester Hospital tonight (Monday).

Alte AH was born after 8 years of waiting for her parents, Avraham and Chaya Pixler, Israeli citizens, followers of Alza who live in England. During childbirth, as a result of a lack of oxygen, she suffered irreversible brain damage.

Her parents waged a lengthy legal battle in the UK after a local court ruled that the toddler should be disconnected from the respirators, as according to Jewish law she is still defined as a living person.

The parents appealed to the state Supreme Court – which upheld the decision. The judges did not take into account the religious argument and the emotional elements of the family. The parents’ claims that they and Elta are Israeli citizens and therefore want to be transferred to Israel were also rejected. Also, the explanation that they belong to the Jewish religion that forbids euthanasia – fell on deaf ears.

The parents also stated that they want to live in Israel again with Alta and when it comes time to return her soul, they want her to be buried in the country without any delays.

The judge rejected all their requests and justified this by saying that this is a little girl who does not know and understand what religion and Judaism are – and therefore this argument should not be considered at all. The judge also added that there was no evidence that Alte had behaved in her life as a Jew, and since she was born in England, the very fact of being an Israeli citizen does not constitute protection against British law.

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