Details of the arrest of an active drug dealer in Mount Lebanon Governorate

It was issued by the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces that information was available from the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces about an unknown person promoting drugs within the Mount Lebanon Governorate.

As a result of the intensive investigations and investigations, the division came to the identification of the promoter, and his name is: M. a. NS. (born in 1987, Lebanese). After careful monitoring and follow-up, one of the Division’s patrols was able to arrest him in Ruwaisat – Al-Matn, and found in his possession a sum of money and a cell phone.

By searching his home in the same district, 285/g of cocaine was seized in 56 envelopes.

By interrogating him, he admitted that he was active in promoting drugs to many customers, on the highway extending from Casino du Liban to Nahr Ibrahim, aboard his silver Hyundai, which was seized.

The legal requirement was carried out against him, and the relevant reference was deposited with the seizures, based on the reference of the competent judiciary.


Details arrest active drug dealer Mount Lebanon Governorate

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