The Yemeni army is fighting fierce battles against the Houthis, south of Ma’rib

The media office of the Yemeni National Army documented, on Monday, part of the night battles waged by the army forces against the Houthi militia south of Marib, where the latter incurred heavy losses in life and equipment.

The Yemeni army announced the renewal of battles on the southern front of the Marib governorate, and violent confrontations erupted in the Juba and Mala’a areas, with the support of coalition aircraft, targeting Houthi militia sites.

The coalition aircraft destroyed an armored vehicle and heavy weapons of the coup militias in the “Aqaba” area, which suffered heavy losses during the battles.

With the intensification of confrontations on the fronts, the management of the camps for the displaced called on humanitarian organizations to provide the necessary needs for the displaced from those areas.

Members of the Houthi militia

In turn, the Director of the Executive Unit for the Displaced in Ma’rib Governorate warned against the Houthis’ continued prevention of civilians from leaving the Abdiya district to safe areas, and the kidnapping of dozens of residents of the villages surrounding the district.

He confirmed that the Houthi militia had committed crimes against humanity in the Abdiya district of Marib governorate, in addition to physical liquidation against civilians in surrounding villages, in flagrant violation of international and humanitarian laws.

On Sunday, the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, stressed the importance of ending violence in Yemen and entering into a comprehensive political process that would end war and human suffering and restore security and stability to Yemen and the region.

This came during telephone conversations with Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak, to discuss the tragic situation in the Abdiya district of Marib Governorate, whose residents are subjected to war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Houthi militia, according to the official Yemeni News Agency.

The Yemeni Foreign Minister stressed that the Houthi militia is committing revenge crimes against civilians and the wounded, calling on the United Nations and the international community keen on peace to assume its responsibilities and urgently intervene to end these crimes and save civilians.

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