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Two days after the assassination of British MP David Ames in the eastern British town of Liège, the media in the kingdom are revealing new details about the ceilings defined by the British as a “terrorist incident”. Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old Somali who is suspected of stabbing David Ames to death, reportedly planned the attack for more than a week.

A source in the investigation told local media that the attacker had registered for a personal meeting with Ames several days before the meeting on the supporters where the murder took place. After arriving at the scene, Harbi Ali stabbed the conservative MP 17 times.

Meanwhile, an extremist Islamic preacher in Britain, Anjm Chodari, caused a stir after saying that the assassination was in fact revenge for Ames’ extensive activities for Israel. Chodari did not provide evidence and did not say it was the sole motive of the attacker, but made it clear that it was part of the sum of things that led to the shocking murder.

“There were rumors that he is pro-Israel, he is part of the conservative party that has been in power for a long time and they were also in power during the campaigns in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.” The Muslim preacher was asked if Ames was a target for being pro-Israel and honorary secretary of the Conservative Party in Israel and replied: “Many say Israel is a terrorist country and why would anyone be a friend of Israel after seeing the carnage they do to Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza?” He added that “all this of course does not justify the murder.”

Sources in the London police who were quoted in the British press said that Ali Harbi traveled by train from London to Exex specifically to carry out the attack. It was further reported that the Ali swords had previously been marked as a target by the British government’s anti-terrorism program.

It was reported yesterday that during the interrogation he was also linked to extremist Islamic groups. According to initial estimates, he appears to have undergone “self-extremism” alone that led him to commit the murder. This is despite the fact that he apparently took part in a government program in the past that aims to prevent a religious end among elements known to the welfare authorities in the country.

Although it is estimated that he acted independently, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown claimed in an interview that the suspect may have belonged to the ranks of al-Shabab – a regional branch of jihad al-Qaeda.

It was also reported in the British media that the killer was the son of the former communications adviser to the Somali prime minister in the 1990s. The father was quoted in the media as saying that he “felt trauma” in light of what his son did.


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