Spencer Tonic’s Return: 200 people undressed and participated in the photographer’s work

Spencer Tonic’s Return: 200 people undressed and participated in the photographer’s work
Spencer Tonic’s Return: 200 people undressed and participated in the photographer’s work

200 women and men took off their clothes today (Sunday) and participated in another work by photographer and artist Spencer Tonic. After two previous photographs in the lowest place in the world, the photography project is intended to encourage the establishment of the Dead Sea Museum in Arad. Tonic recounted: “The installation was inspired by the crystals formed in the Dead Sea, and by the biblical story of Lot’s wife who became a salt commissioner.”

This is a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism, the Arad Municipality and the “Dead Sea Resurrection” association, led by Ari Fruchter. The filming lasted about three hours, with Tonic instructing the location of the participants and the camera. “We are proud to host an artist the size of Spencer Tonic,” said Adv. Nissan Ben Hamo, Mayor of Arad. “We have proven that Arad is beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside. It is a democratic, liberal and pluralistic city, and it has a place for different communities and cultures. “

One of the participants in the photo, Noam Shemesh, spoke with Rafi Reshef before the photo and told about her feelings: “It’s a bit stressful but very exciting. It’s a strange experience I’ve never experienced, but there are a lot of awareness of the Dead Sea. I’m sorry if anyone regrets it.”

According to her, beyond awareness of the Dead Sea, photography has another positive effect: “There is shame with nudity and body image. If we do not raise awareness about the Dead Sea, then the minimum we do here is raise awareness of positive body image and acceptance of yourself and self-love. We are all human beings. , And it’s okay to look like that. It takes a lot of courage but it’s a crazy experience. They brought us jars with body paint that we applied to ourselves and then we were photographed according to Tonic’s instructions. And it is our responsibility to preserve it. “

In an interview with the N12 about a month and a half ago, Tonic said: “My favorite place in Israel is the people. Really. It’s fascinating to come to a place where everyone thinks the other is their family. “.

“The inspiration is the salt crystals that are created” | Photo: Eshet Mor Municipality, Arad Municipality

“My favorite place is the Dead Sea,” he added. “I was there as a young kid. The fact that you can float peacefully was insane to me. It was surreal, like science fiction. It’s a place people come to be healed. Also the fact that it’s so close to the city! In New York you drive two hours and get to another city. Here you are. He travels two hours from Tel Aviv, and arrives at a historic place. “


Spencer Tonics Return people undressed participated photographers work

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