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Saudi Arabia begins to overcome the “Corona” pandemic

Saudi Arabia begins to overcome the “Corona” pandemic
Saudi Arabia begins to overcome the “Corona” pandemic

Saudi Arabia has begun a new phase of easing the restrictions imposed as a result of the “Corona” pandemic, while maintaining the base of proof of immunization through the “Tawakkalna” application, after the country witnessed a significant decrease in the number of injuries and critical cases, and an increase in the proportion of people who completed doses of the virus vaccine “. Corona”.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation issued its instructions to airlines regarding operating the full capacity of the Kingdom’s airports, while the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques confirmed its full readiness to receive pilgrims and worshipers with the full capacity of the Two Holy Mosques and the abolition of distance between worshipers.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, announced, during the press conference held yesterday, that the Kingdom has overcome the “Corona” pandemic and entered the distinguished recovery phase, which the country was able to reach after going through many strict health measures, with the solidarity of government agencies and the cooperation of citizens and residents to overcome the crisis. permanently and achieve a safe return to normal life.

Al-Abd Al-Aali called, at this important stage in dealing with the pandemic, to the need to speed up the completion of doses, to catch up with those who completed their immunization and obtained health, physical and psychological safety, noting that the current stage of easing procedures is based on two basic pillars, namely, community awareness, and the responsibility of the authorities. and sites and organizers of activities.

Al-Abd Al-Aali stressed the need to continue to adhere to preventive measures in the designated places, and to complete the doses of the vaccine, reiterating the safety of vaccines approved in the Kingdom, including the Moderna vaccine, which research and studies have proven to be highly efficient and higher than similar vaccines in the face of alarming mutations, most notably “Delta” mutation.

The doses of the “Corona” vaccine given in the Kingdom since the start of vaccination until yesterday exceeded 44 million and 600 thousand doses of the “Corona” vaccine (Covid-19) that have been given so far through more than 587 vaccination sites in all regions of the Kingdom, and the number of those who received More than 23 million and 900,000 people have been vaccinated with a single dose, with a percentage of 67.6 percent, while the number of those who received the two doses approached the 21 million barrier, with the percentage of those who received it, according to the latest update, more than 58.6 percent. The security spokesman at the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Talal Al-Shalhoub, reviewed the security updates accompanying the recovery phase, stressing that the health status in the “Tawakulna” application will be the basic condition for entering government and private sector facilities. Al-Shalhoub indicated that everyone who does not wear masks in closed places will be violated, and violations will continue to be applied against violators of preventive measures, reiterating that health conditions are subject to monitoring, evaluation and lifting with the necessary.

For his part, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, Saif Al-Suwailem, during his participation in the press conference, stated that the efforts made to ensure adherence to preventive and health measures resulted in more than 5 million and 300 thousand inspection rounds carried out through the secretariats of the regions, during which 95 were seized. A thousand violating facilities, stressing the continuation of monitoring rounds in the municipal sector.

He pointed out that allowing events to be held and attended in wedding halls, canceling physical distancing, and allowing full absorptive capacity will be in accordance with controls, including the requirement for two-dose vaccination, mandatory wearing a mask and disinfection of hands, and ventilation of the place well, as well as providing single-use utensils.

On the other hand, the official spokesman for the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Hani Haidar, announced the full readiness to receive pilgrims and worshipers with full capacity, and Haider revealed during the press conference on the developments of “Corona”, the return of all services that existed before the pandemic, and the allocation of a plate In the end, to perform the circumambulation only, and to benefit from all the multiple roles of the endeavor, and to return all episodes of the Holy Qur’an and scientific lessons in presence, in addition to benefiting from the full capacity of the chapels in the third Saudi expansion.

Regarding the plan to receive pilgrims and worshipers in the Two Holy Mosques, Haider stated that the number of doors designated for pilgrims to enter the pilgrims has been raised to 44, while the process of grouping and organizing crowds is supervised by approximately 780 male and female employees.

For his part, the preventive medicine and public health consultant at the Public Health Authority “Prevention” Dr. Imad Al-Muhammadi explained that the authority is working to formulate comprehensive and clear protocols to confront the pandemic, explaining that the update of the preventive protocols after easing restrictions will include canceling the requirement for temperature measurement at the entrances, and only verification. From the case of “Tawaklena”, reducing the spacing in schools to 30 cm, in addition to allowing the return of buffets in restaurants and others.

In terms of statistics, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday (Sunday) the registration of 41 new cases of the emerging “Corona” virus that causes “Covid-19”, while it monitored the recovery of 47 cases, and the death of 3 cases, and the total number of cases cumulatively reached 547,931 since the appearance of the first case in the Kingdom. The number of critical cases reached 106 cases receiving care in intensive care, while the total number of recovery cases reached 536,947, while the death toll rose to 8,763 deaths.

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