Syrian Social Nationalist Party: To dissolve the Lebanese Forces party now

Three days after the Tayouneh ambush, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party demands, in a statement, “the dissolution of the Lebanese Forces Party to prevent it immediately from promoting sectarian frenzy.”

  • The Syrian National: We warn our people against getting involved in reckless and hateful adventures.

Today, Sunday, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party called on the official authorities in Lebanon to “dissolve the Lebanese Forces party to immediately prevent it from fueling sectarian rage, refer the file to the Judicial Council and arrest the murder gang that carried out the crime, and who directed and managed it.”

The Syrian Nationalist Party said in a statement about the Tayouneh ambush that “the Lebanese Forces Party’s continuous practices threaten to bring the country into a dangerous divisive path, to place it under Western tutelage, and to lure international intervention in Lebanese affairs, hoping for despicable political and material gains.”

The Syrian nationalist pointed out that this performance of the Forces Party “is inseparable from its historical practice of cheap investment and its constant quest to build cantons and attempts to drag part of our people towards closure, as it does in the investigation of the port bombing disaster.”

He also stressed that “the continued official and political reluctance to prosecute the perpetrator of the Tayouneh crime, Samir Geagea, who claims to maintain the logic of the state and institutions in public and implements the chaos project in secret, will enter Lebanon into serious challenges soon.”

The Syrian nationalist addressed Geagea, saying that “the Jewish state is ephemeral, its projects and tools have been defeated on the land of Lebanon, and America is seeking to placate Damascus. It would have been better for the infiltrator to enter politics with a general amnesty, to learn from history and its failed bloody experiences.”

The Syrian nationalist concluded by warning “our people not to get involved in reckless adventures and hatred,” in addition to calling “our people, victims of the harbor disaster and the Tayouneh massacre, to be prudent, calm and patient, for the days will repay their grievances away from political and financial investment.”

It is noteworthy that, last Thursday, 7 martyrs and dozens of wounded peaceful protesters in Tayouneh area, after they were shot by snipers who had barricaded themselves on the roofs of some buildings in Tayouneh area in Beirut.

A source in the Lebanese army confirmed the arrest of 19 people, a number of whom admitted to preparing the ambush for the Tayouneh events, while the leadership of the “Amal” movement and Hezbollah accused the Lebanese Forces Party of armed attack on the protesters.


Syrian Social Nationalist Party dissolve Lebanese Forces party

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